Wanted: three sexy moms-to-be.

Correction: three sexy moms-to-be who are proud to show off their new shape.

British maternity retailer Mamma La Rocca, in partnership with New Zealand’s Cake Lingerie, is looking for three “real” women from the U.K. or Ireland to become the new British face for maternity lingerie.

The contest is the next step in Cake’s very successful “Real Mums,

Miranda Kerr In VS Cotton Lingerie
Posted by amy | July 14, 2010
Miranda Kerr | Victoria's Secret Cotton

Ah, summertime and the livin’ is easy … especially if you’re Miranda Kerr.

The future Mrs. Bloom is raising temperatures again with this latest photospread from Victoria’s Secret, promoting its new collection of cotton undies.

In the campaign and accompanying YouTube video, Miranda lays about in a brightly lit high-rise bedroom, thoroughly relaxed and sporting a nasty case of bedhead as she …

Dita Von Teese for Perrier

This is the most fun you’re going to have today while shopping for lingerie — or water!

Stripper/actress/queen-of-the-damned Dita Von Teese is featured in a hilarious and titillating promo website by Perrier, www.perrierbydita.com.

It’s a big, interactive site with a mini-film in which Dita wanders through a sumptuous mansion and begins to undress — once you give her the go-ahead!

And what’s under her …

Maya Hansen continues to push the envelope with her outrageous design themes, and her 2010-11 corset collection once again seems years ahead of other designers in both orginality and workmanship.

Hansen’s new collection, SteamPunk, is a fresh and freakish hybrid of styles, materials and gadgetry. Yes, gadgets! These aren’t control garments; they’re bold, even disturbing, fashion statements.

In fact, it’s hard to believe …

Mondrian Swimwear | Sarah Schofield

Here’s a terrific swimwear collection that’s suddenly getting a lot of attention — probably because it’s so hard to find.

It’s called the Mondrian Swim collection, and it’s designed by a 23-year-old Australian fashionista named Sarah Schofield. If the pattern is familiar, that’s because it’s an homage to 20th Century Dutch painter Piet Mondrian, whose signature style was intersecting blocks of bold, primary …

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