Zinke Design’s Playful Love Letters
Posted by melanie | October 1, 2010
Zinke Design F/W 2010

While I love fussy lingerie (really, what girl doesn’t?!), if a label somehow manages to produce luxe-looking styles that are also insanely comfortable, they will have succeeded in gaining a loyal client/fan for life — moi.

Among those labels that provide comfy-yet-innately-sexy lingerie is Zinke Design. You probably remember their S/S 2010 collection due in part to the delectable sorbet-hued styles and playful model who accessorized with musical instruments.

Thankfully, Zinke Design’s F/W 2010 collection, titled Love Letters, remains faithful to its trusted versatile and fashionable aesthetic (if it ain’t broke why fix it?). Silk slips with sheer panels are situated amongst soft-cup bralettes and briefs, ruffled teddies and the most luxurious/relaxed silk T-shirt and boyshort that you can wear outside the bedroom.

All the lingerie styles are so, so, wearable and are offered in a rich fall-color palette of slate-grey, aubergine and amethyst.

As difficult as it was to select and edit, a few of my favorite styles are the sheer, Daydream Chemise in amethyst with a sexy open-back detail, the Wanderlust bralette and panty (pictured above, also in amethyst) which draws attention to your derriere with its ruching detail, and the oversized Evening Star pocket-tee and shorts in lavender.

And yes, while this season’s collection is more moody and sophisticated than the S/S offerings (after all, the sister design-duo cited Edgar Allen Poe as inspiration), the styles are nonetheless feminine and retain that youthful, sexy energy Zinke is known for.

Find Zinke intimates online at zinkedesign.com to locate a stockist nearest you.

Zinke Lingerie F/W 2010
Zinke Lingerie F/W 2010
Zinke Lingerie F/W 2010
Zinke Lingerie F/W 2010
Zinke Lingerie F/W 2010
Zinke Lingerie F/W 2010
Zinke Lingerie F/W 2010
Zinke Lingerie F/W 2010
Zinke Lingerie F/W 2010
Zinke Lingerie F/W 2010
Bigger Is Better With Miss Mandalay
Posted by melanie | September 30, 2010
Paris by Miss Mandalay
Paige by Miss Mandalay

We all want to stand out in a crowd, but what if you feel that your ample bosom is more of a burden than a blessing?

Even though large-busted women everywhere are praising the fashion gods for the return of cleavage this season, let’s face it: boobs on the fashion runways really didn’t surpass a D cup. Thankfully, that’s where Miss Mandalay lingerie comes to the rescue!

Who is Miss Mandalay, you ask? Well, the UK-based lingerie label could not be clearer: “Miss Mandalay is every fashion conscious women with big boobs who’s always wanted to wear sexy and luxurious lingerie that actually fits!”

The founder, Lorraine Morton, started the label in 2005 after being frustrated with the lack of luxurious, high-end styled lingerie (she herself is the proud owner of a 30-F chest). Since launching, Morton has built up a devout clientele of ‘big boobed’ women (D-GG cup size) who can embrace their curves without sacrificing style.

As for the collection, it is chock full of colorful and printed styles that flatter the fuller bust.

And Miss Mandalay doesn’t scrimp on high-end details, Paris, a semi-sheer balcony bra (offered in a rainbow of hues) is very reminiscent of a Marlies Dekkers bra, without the hefty price tag.

How about flaunting your assets in the deep-plunge padded Sofia polka-dot bra, or bring out your inner flirt with the ruffled gingham Katie padded bra and boy short.

If you’re planning a warm vacation this winter, Miss Mandalay also stocks swimwear that offers support while enhancing your natural figure.

Visit missmandalay.com to view the full collection, and shop online at asos.com.

Sofia by Miss Mandalay
Katie by Miss Mandalay
Gigi by Miss Mandalay
Florine by Miss Mandalay
Coco by Miss Mandalay
CanCan by Miss Mandalay
Ooh La La | Gossard Lingerie Fall 2010

Can an old lingerie brand re-invent itself to keep pace with today’s creative and daring newcomers?

Gossard, the iconic UK label with roots dating back to the Industrial Revolution, is out to prove it can — again.

The venerable department store staple is perhaps best known as the creator of the Wonderbra back in the 1960s, with its alluring promise to increase the appearance of a woman’s bust size.

Today, more than 40 years later, Gossard is still pretty much a one-trick pony, although the Wonderbra is now called the Superboost.

And one more big change — it’s got plenty of competitors making the same claims, including Ultimo, La Senza and, over here, Victoria’s Secret. Bigger may still be better, but for Gossard the question is: Is it enough?

The fall 2010 collection from Gossard shows they haven’t run out of steam. Quite the contrary, Gossard is rolling out an extensive line of glammed-up superbras and coordinates that wouldn’t look out of place on a Parisian catwalk.

There are 10 lines altogether in the new Gossard catalogue but they’re all selling the cleavage-boosting power of the brand’s designated hitter, the Superboost. (There’s even a line of satiny push-ups with the audacious name “Squeeze Me“!)

Where the lines differ is in fabric choices, style frills and patterns.

The most elaborate is the Ooh La La line (pictured above), whose longline bra and high-waisted brief are straight out of the 1940s. Close behind in terms of pure eye appeal is the Cancan, a lace-and-satin confection with some obvious Moulin Rouge ancestry.

The rest of the collection includes some appealing prints, lots of glossy satin, lace trims to add a more feminine look to some bras, and even some Art Deco styling in the very romantic satin-and-sequins Etoile line.

Here’s a few images to renew your interest in this lingerie stalwart. You can see the full range and shop online at Gossard.com.

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What You Need Now: Versatile Bodysuit From Brulee Lingerie
Posted by melanie | September 28, 2010
Boudoir Bodysuit by Brulee Lingerie
Boudoir Bodysuit by Brulee Lingerie

Although the underwear-as-outerwear look is still going strong, not everyone feels comfortable showing off their skivvies in public. Nor do most work environments allow for public displays of underwear — you’d definitely command attention in the boardroom, but your colleagues might be, um, distracted by your assets (and I’m not referring to your impeccable work skills).

Luckily, Brulee lingerie‘s versatile Boudoir bodysuit can take you from the bedroom to the boardroom without anyone knowing about your little secret. The luxurious silk bodysuit features fine mesh paneling, lattice trim, black crystal buttons and adjustable straps. Choose from rich, irresistible colors such as plum, bronze or pewter.

And although it looks sexy on its own or under a silk robe, you can transition the Brulee bodysuit into everyday wear in a multitude of ways: try pairing it with a curve-hugging pencil skirt, a great pair of trousers and/or under a blazer. It even looks fabulous under a sheer blouse or cardigan — the options are endless.

Another added bonus of introducing the Brulee bodysuit into your wardrobe is that, unlike conventional camisoles, you won’t have to worry about it becoming untucked! After work, simply pair with skinny jeans and some seriously dangerous stilettos to take you into the wee hours of the night.

The Brulee Boudoir bodysuit retails for $178 and is available in size XS-XL and can be purchased online at fairefroufrou.com.

Beautiful Bat collection | Marlies Dekkers Lingerie

Has Marlies Dekkers gone batty?

Hot on the heels of her wildly successful Victorian Vampire Night catwalk show and costume party, the irrepressible Dekkers has found a new way to capture the, um, vampire lingerie market.

The Dutch designer this week beefed up her Victorian-themed fall collection with a new range titled Beautiful Bat. And make no mistake: this one goes right for the throat of the Twilight crowd.

The all-black microfiber collection employs thin leather straps and binding along the neckline or criss-crossed on the chest, with more leather trim on the sides or back of the companion thong, brief or shorts. For the full effect, add some pasty makeup and a suitable pout to achieve the erotically doomed look that would turn Bram Stoker’s head.

So, is this just opportunistic marketing or is there some “authentic” design work involved in Dekkers’ buzz-friendly bat bras and briefs? Good question. The Beautiful Bat line is as stylish as anything else that comes out of Dekkers’ shop, but it will take a certain suspension of disbelief to convince anyone that there’s any gothic design elements involved (excluding the bloodied crucifixes, which are optional and not, strictly speaking, lingerie accessories.)

Dekkers is, however, a very smart marketer, proclaiming the Beautiful Bat line can make you “look as beautiful as the female vampires on Twilight” (which can only mean an “Edward” is sure to follow). She also helpfully provides tips on how to get a vampire look (courtesy of YouTube makeup sensation Michelle Phan) and even how to choose a vampire name.

The Beautiful Bat range is part of Dekker’s women’s collection, which leaves an obvious question: what about all those teens and tweens who are the core audience for Twilight and other vamp fiction? No problem, as Dekkers has also unveiled a junior collection called Daemon (photo gallery below).

We predict this collection will be ridiculously popular. After all, it’s just what all those hormonal little ghouls need to help them endure the dark miseries of youth — in this century or any other!

You can find out more over at marliesdekkers.com. These pieces will be very hard to get, so check their list of distributors. And note that the label has just launched an online shop — great news, except I don’t think it ships to North America yet.

Beautiful Bat collection | Marlies Dekkers Lingerie

Beautiful Bat collection | Marlies Dekkers Lingerie

Beautiful Bat collection | Marlies Dekkers Lingerie

Daemon Collection for Girls | Marlies Dekkers 2010

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