Hanky Panky Hits The Street at SXSW
Posted by richard | March 20, 2015

So you’re elbowing your way through the crowd at one of the world’s biggest music festivals and a stranger comes up and asks if you’d like to be a lingerie model. Right here, right now. (more…)

Funny Girls: Dear Kate Uses Comedians to Model New Undies Line
Posted by Lingerie Talk | March 20, 2015

Improv comedy can test the courage of the most self-confident performer. Just imagine doing it in your underwear.

But there’s no stage fright evident in the new photo campaign from Dear Kate, which uses five young New York comedians (more…)


There’s not much demand for chastity belts anymore.

Maybe the Enlightenment was to blame, or the rise of feminism, or advances in locksmithing skills. Whatever the reason, few people today feel the need to secure their virtue beneath those uncomfortable contraptions, which went out of style a thousand years ago. (more…)


Most newcomers to the lingerie business want only to fit in and capture a small slice of the massive but overcrowded market.

But not Hayat Rachi. The 25-year-old founder of fledgling label Neon Moon wants nothing less than to shatter the paradigm that governs the sale of sexy underwear. (more…)

La Cavalière: Maison Close’s Salute To Cowgirls in the Sand
Posted by Lingerie Talk | March 11, 2015

There’s something new going on in the latest offering from the seductive French lingerie brand Maison Close, and it’s not just the furry four-legged friends used in the promo material.

For the first time, the Marseille-based label best known for its barely-there catsuits has used an outdoor setting to shoot the imagery for its new collection, called La Cavalière. (more…)

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