Let’s face it: ‘tis the season to rock shapewear. Indulgent holiday parties have us wanting to look our best prior the hitting-the-gym resolutions that come with the New Year. Honestly, are we going to steer clear of the eggnog just to look great in that little black dress? Not if there’s an easier solution.

(above left) takes shapewear and ups the ante. Instead of merely offering temporary slimming, it promises to tone and increase your daily calorie burn. (Studies claim women wearing ShaToBu burn up to 12% more calories than those not wearing the shapewear. This isn’t a gym-replacement, but everything helps, right?)

The secret? Resistance training. When you don a pair of ShaToBu tights, you’re dressing your legs in invisible resistance bands. The nylon and Lycra shapers also guarantee comfort: no bulges, pinching or rolls here. The moisture-wicking properties and cotton gusset let you wear them all day without feeling like you’re wearing a furnace under your dress.

Canadian gals, take note: ShaToBu, “the workout you wear,” is a Canadian brand. Sometimes it’s fun to know your lingerie supports local industry.

ShaToBu doesn’t have this niche market cornered. Scala Bio-Fir (above right) shapers, panties and leggings promise to fight cellulite. Here, the “secret” lies in embedded bio-crystals that warm against your skin, improving circulation in the affected areas.

Of course, those who tested the claims wore the shapewear for six hours a day, every day for a month. So prepare for a commitment if you’re up for giving these UK faves a try. (Seriously, the shapers sold out in 30 days when they were first launched. Stores had to ration them to customers!)

Whether or not these products make a noticeable different in your thighs after you take them off, both will keep your silhouette sleek while you snack on roasted chestnuts by the open fire(place).

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Aubade’s Sexy Christmas Wish Box
Posted by amy | December 8, 2010

Any Christmas gift that comes in a box bearing the Aubade logo is bound to set off squeals of delight.

This year, the revered Parisian brand is making things a bit easier for all you male shoppers out there by bundling up some of its most enchanting creations into gift-worthy packages.

Aubade’s Boites &#224 Désir, or Wish Boxes, are black satin-stitched book-sized boxes containing a lacey lingerie piece or set.

There are six Wish Boxes to choose from; that’s the lace mask and gloves ensemble in the photo above. Also available are an Aubade waist cincher (bottom photo below), a suspender belt, stand-up stockings, naughty knickers (top photo below) and a hide-and-seek lingerie set. Most Wish Boxes are under $100 USD.

But that’s not the only exciting holiday gift from Aubade, whose achievements in lingerie design are matched only by its marketing prowess.

After the worldwide success of its Lessons of Seduction promotion during the past year-plus, Aubade is preparing to launch another round of “lessons” — exquisite black-and-white collectible photos, each bearing a teasing little “tip” in the fine art of romance.

People who purchase a Wish Box will get a sneak peek via an internet password that will reveal the first of what’s being called “Forbidden Lessons“.

We’ve seen the first Forbidden Lesson and we’re only going to tell you two things about it: 1) it’s NSFW (so we’re not showing it), and 2) it begs the question “what’s Aubade without lace”? Once you see it, your hearts will race!

To get one of Aubade’s Wish Boxes, contact a high-end retailer near you or visit the company website for a list of stockists.

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Skin Jewels From Bijoux Indescrets
Posted by melanie | December 7, 2010

Today: Add Some Private Sparkle
Vajazzling combo by Bijoux Indescrets

The Gift: Skin Jewels from Vajazzling
Perfect For: Attention Seekers
Price: $25
Shop: Vajazzling

We all have that friend (unless this ‘friend’ is you) who will jump atop a bar and clumsily belt out Britney Spears’ Toxic at the top of her lungs, or don the Victoria’s Secret topless bikini during your girls’ getaway in Las Vegas. You cringe because she’s so unabashed and unihibited, but can’t help but love her because, let’s face it: she had the guts to walk up to that cutie you eyed on the dance floor and sweetly introduced you two.

What better stocking stuffer to give your attention-seeking pal than the Bijoux Indescrets Breast & Vajazzle Combo?! Tucked neatly within a discreet package, the set consists of two crystal nipple tattoos and a matching crystal pubic tattoo. Each tattoo has over 150 stones that are easy to apply, and are offered in three different color combos (you know, in case your girl likes to coordinate with her outfit).

Let’s just hope that, unlike Kathy Griffin (who infamously showed off her vajazzling on national television), your pal keeps this surprise under wraps!

Erotic Christmas Card From Damaris
Posted by richard | December 7, 2010

Damaris Evans sure knows how to spice up the holidays.

The British design genius behind the Damaris and Mimi Holliday lingerie labels has just released a sizzling video Christmas card featuring some of her favorite pieces.

The one-minute film is a collaboration with award-winning filmmaker Justin Anderson, who previously worked with Damaris to create the extremely popular short film Chore earlier this year.

The jaunty new Christmas vid features model Lyza Onysko and includes some traditional holiday items — mince pies, nuts, fruits. Oh, and an entirely new interpretation of “stocking stuffers” to surprise your beloved on Christmas morning.


Tartan Lingerie Set From Ultimo
Posted by amy | December 6, 2010
Tartan Lingerie by Ultimo

If you didn’t celebrate St. Andrew’s Day last week, then you probably don’t know your haggis from hash browns. And you probably won’t care a dram about what’s being billed as the world’s first tartan lingerie set.

Ultimo Lingerie launched its limited edition Tartan set to mark Scotland’s national day on Nov. 30, and as a way for Ultimo CEO Michelle Mone to celebrate her own Scottish heritage.

The combo includes a balcony bra and thong and is made from printed satin with black lace trim and bows. It’s priced at $35 for the bra and $24 for the thong.

“Over the past few years tartan has shed its traditional roots and become synonymous with fashion, thanks to designers like Christopher Kane and Vivienne Westwood — and it‟s perfectly fitting that Ultimo should be the first lingerie brand to have their very own tartan,” said Mone, who last month was awarded an OBE for her contributions to the UK lingerie industry.

The Ultimo Tartan is currently only available through the company website or the UK retailer Debenhams, with sizes from 30-38 A-D.

This is a must-have for all the Scottish lassies out there who still have a hankering for the highland heather — and want to look like Brazilian model Raica Oliveira (above).

Ultimo’s teen label, Miss Ultimo, also offers a completely different tartan pattern called, appropriately, Highland Fling (below). It comes in a balcony bra and matching boyshort with lace trim and pink ribbon bow.

Highland Fling Tartan | Miss Ultimo
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