Talk about good timing. No, make that great timing.

It was early November last year when Michelle Taylor, founder of Tallulah Love lingerie, received the first factory samples of a new silk-and-lace ensemble she had designed for her 2011 collection. Its name? Royal Welcome.…

Damn you, Cherry Blossom GIrl!

The young Parisian style blogger has pulled off the coup of the year with the release last week of her own signature collection for French lingerie powerhouse Etam.

And if that weren’t enough to make you hate her, we …

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With the Royal Wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton only days away, all eyes are on the bride-to-be as she wraps up preparations for the big event. The future princess has a reputation for loving a good bargain, and although she’s been known to …

Rio Wrenn’s Eco-Wonders
Posted by richard | April 22, 2011

Few people working in fashion lingerie design have as much eco-cred as Rio Wrenn, the visual artist and designer who runs R.A.W. Textiles.

That’s not a slight against the rest of the industry — the growing use of sustainable materials and ecologically sound …

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Fearless, As Usual
Posted by richard | April 20, 2011

Lady Gaga, fearless as usual, appears in this alarming see-through latex catsuit in the April 18 issue of NME. This is an inside shot; the cover photo, in which G puts those zippers to work, is seriously NSFW.

The outfit is actually a black …

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