Etam’s Colorful Spring Parade (video)
Posted by richard | January 25, 2011

It used to be the only thing a poor spring lamb had to worry about was getting trussed up on a rack and served with mint jelly. But nowadays, in France at least, you could also end up as a fashion accessory … temporarily.

A …

If there’s been a recurring storyine in our Bright Young Things series of designer profiles, it involves young women who possess an artistic background, establish themselves on and then start to make a serious name for themselves in the vintage-inspired lingerie niche.

The latest …

Ayten Gasson’s Garden of Delights
Posted by amy | January 24, 2011

A few months ago it was reported that Lady Gaga had become so enamored of silk underthings that she would wear nothing else from now on. At the time, I recall thinking: “Ayten Gasson’s going to have to hire some help.”

Gasson is the London-based …

Diesel’s Fresh & Bright Super-Silliness
Posted by richard | January 24, 2011

I don’t know what’s going on over at Diesel‘s ad agency, but we’ll have what they’re smoking.

Diesel is once again shaking up the marketing world with a campaign for its new underwear line that defies comprehension — while still attracting tons of attention.…

Bright Young Things (9): New French Star Takes on the World
Posted by melanie | January 22, 2011

When the annual Salon International de la Lingerie trade show opens in Paris today, a lot of people are going to want to meet Caroline Tannous. And they’ll all be asking the same thing: how did she do it?

At the Paris show …

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