Rio Wrenn’s Eco-Wonders
Posted by richard | April 22, 2011

Few people working in fashion lingerie design have as much eco-cred as Rio Wrenn, the visual artist and designer who runs R.A.W. Textiles.

That’s not a slight against the rest of the industry — the growing use of sustainable materials and ecologically sound …

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Fearless, As Usual
Posted by richard | April 20, 2011

Lady Gaga, fearless as usual, appears in this alarming see-through latex catsuit in the April 18 issue of NME. This is an inside shot; the cover photo, in which G puts those zippers to work, is seriously NSFW.

The outfit is actually a black …

What Katie Did Revamps Striptease Set
Posted by richard | April 20, 2011

Next week is like Christmas and Valentine’s Day rolled into one for a handful of UK lingerie labels, and it’s got nothing to do with Wills and Kate.

It’s the fifth annual London Burlesque Week, which promises to be a lot more spicy than …

Was Layla L’Obatti Mugged by Joe Zee?
Posted by richard | April 19, 2011

Reality TV shows are always best taken with a grain of salt. What viewers see, especially in pre-taped shows, is usually both scripted and edited to accentuate contrived “storylines” that will keep people tuned in.

Even so, it’s hard to account for what happened in …

The most evocative lingerie photo campaign we’ve seen this spring doesn’t come from a glossy lookbook or runway show or magazine editorial.

It’s the Freedom Project, an online photo and video exploration inspired by two apparently unrelated sources: the iconoclastic New Zealand clothing label …

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