How To Make Mark Zuckerberg’s Jaw Drop
Posted by richard | October 5, 2010
Victoria's Secret ad

Have you seen The Social Network? And if so, would YOU want to want to tangle with those guys in court?

If you answered yes, then the fastest way to get there might be to rip off the ad campaign for the Facebook movie and use it to promote your brand.

Or, in the case of this promo from Victoria’s Secret, to publicize …

Pain De Sucre’s Intriguing Bodywear Collection
Posted by amy | October 5, 2010
Rana by Pain de Sucre Suggest

When you live in the south of France, your swimsuit tends to do double duty as lingerie — and vice-versa.

It makes sense, then, that trendy Marseilles swimwear brand Pain de Sucre should come up with a unique hybrid collection that bridges the gap between the beach and the bedroom.

Pain de Sucre calls its new Suggest collection “bodywear” — a vague label that resists …

Bombshell Fantasy Diamond Bra by Victoria's Secret

Fall is quickly becoming Victoria’s Secret season in the fashion world. The lingerie powerhouse has debuted a staggering number of new products in the past month — including cosmetics, a signature fragrance, new bras, and a huge new selection of RTW fashions — in a bold strategy to expand its catalogue and its consumer base. It must be an exhausting place to work.

All this …

Chore | Film by Damaris

I heart Damaris. Not only because they produce some of the most luxurious, dangerously sexy lingerie, but because I will never look at a mop or iron the same way again.

The UK label’s short fashion film, Chore, was just honored with a ‘Best Actress’ award at the Fashion Film Awards held at the Pompidou in Paris,

To celebrate the award, Damaris is …

Whew! It is difficult to keep on top of Victoria’s Secret launches and the personal affairs of their models.

In the last month alone, VS has opened not one, but three Canadian lingerie outposts, released the new Bombshell fragrance with models wearing custom-made period corsets, while Miranda Kerr announced she’s expecting with scruffy-faced actor Orlando Bloom and Kings of Leon front man, Caleb …

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