Rosary Necklace And Knicker Set
Posted by melanie | November 27, 2010

Today: Redemption In A Box?

The Gift: Rosary Necklace & Knicker Set
Price: $156
Perfect For: Naughty girls with a guilty conscience
Shop: Made by Niki

Has someone on your list been a little naughty this year? And all because of you? Then offer them the gift of redemption with the cheeky Made by Niki rosary necklace & knickers combo!

Not for the prudish or the pious, the beautiful bespoke foil box contains a mesh knicker complete with suspended rosary and a Swarovski crystal pendant that can be combined to create a necklace. Perfect for the sinner to count her 10 Hail Marys!

Available exclusively online at Made by Niki, the knicker set is available in either a devilish black or heavenly ivory color option, and offered from a UK size 8-14, which is approximately a North American 6-14 (do note that sizing runs small).

Word to the wise: probably not the best stocking stuffer to open at the in-laws. The rosary knicker set may induce thoughts of more carnal pleasures between you and your lover, but grandma will be clutching her pearls!

[Ed. Note: This is the first in a daily series of Christmas stocking stuffers for the lingerie fan on your gift list.]

Tomorrow: Learn to love gift socks

I’m continually amazed at how little critical reporting Victoria’s Secret gets from the fashion and business press. When Apple or Microsoft launch a new product, a thousand bloggers pick the thing apart. When VS does the same, editors around the world are happy to run the sexy photos with little comment. Talk about a free ride.

An exception to this rule is Anne Enke, who runs the companion blogs and

Anne is a former VS Fashion Director who’s on a crusade to promote a new vision of sensuality in American fashion, culture and media. She is passionate about what she calls “the positive portrayal of female sexuality in America” and advocates a female-centric value system she calls “Smart Sensuality” — confident, creative women with real heart. If you haven’t come across Anne’s blogs yet, run-don’t-walk.

Anne writes frequently about Victoria’s Secret, with an obvious fondness for her old employer but a growing skepticism about the ways in which VS conveys the meaning of sexuality and eroticism to American girls and women.

Recently, she posted a lengthy open letter to Victoria’s Secret, proposing that the brand adopt a new set of values, ditch the glitzy diamond bras, and end this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show with a symbolic repudiation of its increasingly tacky, Vegas-style antics. She ties in the phoenix imagery with references to the Selita Banks phoenix-like creature in the Kanye West ‘Runaway’ video.

We’ve excerpted a few passages from Anne’s article below. You can read the full version here.

The VS Fashion Show, which was taped two weeks after Anne’s piece appeared, will air on Tuesday night. You’ll have to watch to see if they took her advice.

From: “Dear Victoria’s Secret: We Need ‘Runaway’ Phoenix Wings”
The world needs a phoenix, the mythical bird that flies far ahead to the front, collecting sensory information about our world and the events unfolding in it. The 21st century phoenix must be female. Millions of men worldwide believe that only women as phoenix can lead us out of this wilderness. Soon it may be too late.

Loving her body, as a reflection of her integrated self and including her soul, is far more important to women than diamonds. … At the end of the day, diamonds are not a girl’s best friend, and they are no substitute for intimacy and good sex. …

I propose a new ending to this year’s New York City Victoria’s Secret fashion show on November 30. Instead of the beautiful, sensual Adriana Lima strutting her diamond-encrusted Bombshell cleavage front and center, I see an ending with all the models and official Angels as phoenix goddesses. …

Close your eyes and imagine this.

All of the Victoria’s Secret phoenix birdies appear as ballet dancers with golden scissors. They hover over Adriana Lima like fireflies, gently snipping away all her diamonds, dropping them into a classical Greek urn on loan from the Metropolitan Museum for the evening.

When all the diamonds are removed from the bra and Adriana Lima stands as the radiant Brazilian goddess that she is for real, she pulls a check for $2 million out of her Bombshell bra and hands it to Shakira for her ALAS foundation. …

This, my dear friends, is real Bombshell power in action. No leaping out of war machines, strutting across the tarmac like the Israeli army. The new Bombshells are fireflies. …

Because I love you so, Victoria’s Secret, I want you to have brand values that resonate with tomorrow’s woman, one who just isn’t so impressed with Bombshell boobs and Diamond Lil fashion shows. This young Smart Sensuality woman has soul. And so do the men who love her. Trust me, there are many like her in the pipeline.

Winter Lights From WearPACT: Do Some Good This Christmas
Posted by nadine | November 26, 2010
Winter Lights by WearPACT

“Buy PACT. Light Haiti.”

Not every underwear brand mentions humanitarian efforts in their product slogan. Then again not every company is WearPACT — the smart, values-driven eco-brand launched in San Francisco last year.

WearPACT didn’t start with cute underwear and then look to align itself with an encouraging mission statement. Instead, founders Jason Kibbey and Jeff Denby began with a mission to have a positive impact on the world through a sustainable, responsible business model. The product is the medium for their eco-conscious message.

Fortunately for us, that product is a great one. WearPACT designers have created stunning textile prints with earth-friendly inks and dyes. Don’t look for bright white undies here; the harsh bleaches needed to achieve the color aren’t worth it environmentally. WearPACT underwear is 95% organic cotton with the 5% elastane content, helping maintain the shape of the product and therefore extend its life.

The limited-edition Winter Lights collection, designed by Yves Behar, appeals to the nostalgia and festiveness of holiday lights in its prints. More importantly, it’s going to do a lot of good this season.

Working in collaboration with the organizations EarthSparks International and Citizen Effect, WearPACT is donating one solar-powered lantern to a Haitian family without electricity with every sale of a Winter Lights item. Lighting up tented communities in Haiti helps to tackle “energy poverty” and promote safety, health and education in the devastated country.

WearPACT hopes to distribute 1,000 lanterns, and you can participate in their mission by stuffing a stocking or two with their undies. There are boy shorts, bikinis and thongs for her, boxer briefs and trunks for him.

If you don’t care for patterned underwear, check out WearPACT’s Essentials collection. The brand carries three other collections too, all boasting innovative prints and aligned with global-outreach initiatives. Most pieces cost about $20 and are available through their website, so no excuses. You can’t go wrong here.

Oh, and WearPACT also has the best motto in the business: “Change starts with your underwear.” They’ve GOT to put that on a T-shirt!

Winter Lights by WearPACT

Winter Lights by WearPACT

Winter Lights by WearPACT
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More Black Friday Lingerie Bargains
Posted by LT Staff | November 25, 2010

Still working on your battle plan for Black Friday? If so, here’s an updated list of some great deals and time-limited bargains for lingerie shoppers.

We’ve included online retailers as well as boutiques and designer labels specializing in fine lingerie. Some of these sales extend through to Cyber Monday (Nov. 29) as well, and most are available online. So save your feet and shop from home!

Lane Bryant
Buy one item, get one free throughout the entire store. Expires Nov. 29.

Between The Sheets
All black styles 30% off, Nov. 26 only. Use code BTSBLKFRI.
From Saturday to Monday, buy a $100 gift certificate for $25.

15% off your order plus free shipping on orders over $75, until Nov. 27.
From Nov. 28-29, get 25% your entire order.

La Perla Boutique (UK)
Free gift for purchases over £127 plus free shipping on purchases over £105, through Nov. 28
$10 off first order, up to 65% off bestsellers. Free shipping to military families.

Victoria’s Secret
Free holiday tote bag (right), $68 value, with purchases of $60 or more. Online and in stores while supplies last.

Free shipping on U.S. orders of $100 or more. Use code SHIPVS10.

Secret Reward Cards given out until Nov. 30 in either $10, $50, $100 or $500 amounts. You learn the value of your card at checkout for purchases of $10 or more. Cards must be redeemed by Dec. 19. Not valid in Canada.

Woman Within
Get an extra 30% off your entire order until Nov. 29. Use code WW49950.
Take 15% off entire order, one day only. Use code FIFTEEN.

Bra Smyth
Free shipping on all orders.

Spend $120, get a $20 gift certificate through Nov. 27

Fig Leaves
20% off your entire order until Nov. 29. Use code FIGCYBER.

Just My Size
Free shipping on purchases over $75.

Bare Necessities
Take $10 off orders over $75, plus free shipping on purchases over $50 until Nov. 30.

Hopeless Lingerie
Get 20% off your order until Nov. 30. Use code BLACK2010.

20% off ASOS brand lingerie until Nov. 30. Use code ASOS20.

Canadian-born designer Mark Fast isn’t known for creating undergarments, although his Spring 2011 runway show for London Fashion Week included some dramatic barely-there dresses that blur the line between under and outerwear. (See the inset photo below).

His new diffusion line, Faster by Mark Fast, however, sees the knitwear maestro tackling the very tricky job of creating couture intimates held together (literally) by a few threads while being functional.

The photo above shows the exquisite mesh leggings and gloves that are part of the Faster collection. Now try imagining the same style, with Fast’s signature helix stitching, applied to bodysuits and, yes, knickers. This ain’t your grade school macramé project, sweeties!

Faster by Mark Fast is a small collection, but there are several pieces that qualify as marvels of both engineering and design. Look for the ultra-highrise Bodice knickers or the revealing ballet-neck dress. Breathtaking work — but handle with care!

Faster has been a long time in development, but the full collection finally popped this week in its own marketplace boutique on ASOS. The price points are certainly lower than Fast’s runway collections, but it’s still not for the faint of heart or wallet: leggings go for £120 ($190 USD), and there’s a wonderful one-piece, two-tone mesh jumpsuit that will set you back £340 ($600) plus a pinky swear that you will never, ever, cover it up.

Most pieces are available in black, but Fast throws in a few gems in a glorious plum shade, as seen below.

In addition to ASOS, you’ll find Faster at select shops such as The Room in Toronto or Barneys in NYC. More info on the Faster website. Enjoy the campaign images below!

Faster by Mark Fast

Faster by Mark Fast

Faster by Mark Fast

Faster by Mark Fast

Faster by Mark Fast

Faster by Mark Fast
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