Shan’s Retro-Modern Swim Styles
Posted by connie | May 12, 2011

Canada is often associated with ice and snow — not to mention mounted police officers in spiffy red coats — and companies like Shan are looking to change all that.

Shan is just one of many Canadian swimwear and lingerie brands making a name for …

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One in a Series

Sexy and sophisticated Touché lingerie mixes feminine and preppy, vintage and seductive to come up with a style that seems to be indicative of what is coming out of Colombia at the moment.

As we’ve seen with the other Colombian lingerie

The Loved One is rapidly becoming a true cult label, and we couldn’t be happier for them.

Though their small debut line of vintage-inspired lingerie pieces is still only a few months old, the adorable indie label has created tremendous buzz in the fashion press …

The beach season is almost here and you know what that means. Stop eating. NOW. Nothing but carrot sticks until September.

That seems to be the message behind the Bombshell Summer campaign by Victoria’s Secret, which includes several images that show visible ribs on …

One in a Series

Colombian women know a thing or two about how to steam up a boudoir — and now they’re getting a chance to show the rest of us.

Ellipse Lingerie, the biggest-selling lingerie brand in South America, this year began a …

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