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Nicole Gill Makes Her Mark
Posted by richard | August 20, 2012

Every designer label needs a signature — a look, a color, an embellishment, even a logo — that sets them apart from all their competitors and makes their work instantly recognizable.

Nicole Gill may have found hers.

The precocious British corset and lingerie designer’s new …

Nicole Gill’s Tribute to Miss Saigon
Posted by richard | September 8, 2011

The new fall collection from highly touted UK corsetiè;re Nicole Gill offers a great example of why some young lingerie designers prefer to launch their own label rather than go for a steady job with an established brand.

Every piece in Nicole’s third collection, A

A Birthday Gift from Nicole Gill
Posted by richard | April 5, 2011

Most people spend their birthday accepting gifts and good wishes and ticking off the names of their friends who remembered.

Not Nicole Gill. The young UK designer, who turns a mind-boggling 23 years old today, is marking the occasion with a truly incredible gift …