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… and stop shopping for “lingerie” at Wal-Mart! Happy New Year, everyone!…


Okay, gather round all you pilgrims, seekers, wanderers and lost souls.

Eat, Pray, Love opens on Friday and many of you will be flocking to movie theaters with your girlfriends, &#224 la Sex and the City, dressed in tunics, sarongs …

Eat Pray Love | Julia Roberts

Millions of women around the world were moved by Eat, Pray, Love, Elizabeth Gilbert’s memoir of healing, self-discovery and so much more while visiting Naples, India and Bali during a year-long mental health break.

Anyone who has gone through an ugly divorce, suffered depression, …

Venus Enhancer Bra flag bikini

Americans love to wrap themselves in the flag — literally, metaphorically, politically … any way imaginable.

And marketers love to capitalize on Yanks’ fondness for Old Glory. If there’s a consumer product out there that hasn’t at some point been sold in a special Stars

Stella McCartney

Yes, today I am supposed to feel wiser and more mature for another year has come and gone and today marks the beginning of a new one — my birthday!

To be honest, I sometimes still feel like my gawky, awkward 16-year-old former self, but …

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