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Damaris: Still Fresh After All These Years
Posted by richard | September 11, 2012

Some designer lingerie labels — the ones with diehard fans and trademark styles — face an interesting creative conflict with each new collection.

The industry is driven by the demand for new looks each season, but for some established labels there’s a corresponding pressure to not stray too far from their popular signature styles. Why risk turning off your loyal customers when your catalogue pieces …

Ladies, is your guy man enough to be seen in a pair of powder-puff pink polka-dot boxers with a tiny heart emblem on the fly? If not, it’s time to upgrade — either the BF or his wardrobe.

The product images above and below are from the debut collection of Max Holliday, the men’s shorts line from UK designer Damaris Evans and her super-cute …

Mimi Holliday’s Delicious Sweet Nothings
Posted by richard | August 15, 2011

Diabetics be warned: the fall lingerie collection from Mimi Holliday is the closest thing to a sugar rush you’re likely to find in the fashion world.

This richly diverse collection of French-inspired bonbons — more than a dozen new style ranges! — is bedroom eye candy of the highest order.

And, as if to drive home the point, Mimi Holliday designer Damaris Evans has named …

Joie de Vivre
Nouveau Riche
Je T&#39Aime

Are you still looking for that perfect piece of lingerie to woo your sweetie this Valentine’s Day? Luckily for you, industry darling Mimi Holliday has just released its spring/summer 2011 collection, chock-full of cheeky and flirty intimates that are perfect for any upcoming romantic rendezvous.

More good news: many of these styles are already available online at …

Why We Love Damaris: It’s Those Devilish Little Details
Posted by richard | September 5, 2010

Ever wonder why some lingerie designers inspire such fanatical devotion? Or why some boutique labels become this season’s must-have, while others are destined for the clearance bins?

For an answer, look no further than UK cult favorite Damaris Evans, and her newly released collection under the Mimi Holliday label. (The fall collection of the more upmarket Damaris brand should be released in the next …

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