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Sweet Dreams From Marjolaine
Posted by richard | August 10, 2012

The French label Marjolaine is best known for turning a few wardrobe staples — camis, slips, chemises — into ravishing artistic canvases.

A Marjolaine slip has some unmistakeable signature elements — slinky bias-cut silk, an overlaid Calais lace trim and matching hem, and often an …

Marjolaine’s Sweet Summery Campaign
Posted by amy | May 24, 2011

Don’t these images from the French nightwear label Marjolaine make you long for those lazy, hazy days of summer?

Marjolaine makes truly exquisite camis, slips and other sleepwear pieces, mostly in silk with elaborate Calais lace overlays.

The company maintains a catalogue of about 120 …