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Made By Niki’s Wicked ‘String Thing’
Posted by richard | June 9, 2011

It’s impossible to understand the genius of Made By Niki‘s new String bodysuit until you hold it in your hands, watch the light glint off its shimmering strands, and feel it slip between your fingers like a soft, sexy Slinky.

It’s a remarkable piece …

Britain has a lot of talented lingerie designers, but I doubt there’s anyone as clever as Niki McMorrough, whose label Made by Niki finds surprising ways to distinguish itself in a crowded marketplace.

Other brands may be content to recycle the same old prints and …

Made By Niki’s Slinky Power Lingerie
Posted by nadine | November 16, 2010
Minidress | Made By Niki
Sheer Slip | Made By Niki

Is it a dress? Is it underwear? Is it shapewear? Or do definitions even matter?

Welcome to the boundary-blurring world of Made By Niki, the British cult label that’s turning shapewear into must-have lingerie.

If you haven’t slipped into one of Niki’s slinky multi-functional …

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