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Tom Ford’s Lingerie Renaissance
Posted by richard | September 15, 2013

What happens when you take an international style arbiter, an A-list designer and a bunch of luxury lingerie labels, and put them to work imitating a Renaissance master with a flair for violent Biblical themes?

You get Candy Vaggio, an R-rated and very irreverent spin on the Italian painter Caravaggio.

Designer Tom Ford shot the controversial teaser series for ex-Vogue

Veiled Beauty
Posted by richard | April 24, 2013

Karl Templer‘s Interview Magazine welcomes the arrival of spring this month with a vibrant, color-drenched photospread featuring pieces you can’t afford: lingerie looks from the world’s leading couture design houses.

Shot by Craig McDean against a background of color-blocked geometric shapes, the “Seduction” editorial features underwear-outerwear pieces from Prada, Balenciaga, Cavalli, Versace, McQueen and other brands best known …

It takes a delicate blend of technical skill and artistic sensibility to pull off a great lingerie photoshoot. Clichés are hard to avoid, critics will accuse you of shilling for fashion brands, and you’re always straddling the line between erotica and pornography.

Such challenges make the work of the world’s leading fashion photographers all the more impressive. And 2012 brought us some remarkably creative and …

Garbo Unclothed: The Photo Series
Posted by richard | October 17, 2012

If you didn’t get a chance to visit the Greta Dreams photo exhibition in New York last week, we have the full series for you today.

The show combined the talents of Parisian lingerie designer and stylist Britta Uschkamp and NYC photographer Amber Rima.

Together they posed actress/writer Lauren LoGiudice in a series of portraits that were meant to complement LoGiudice’s new play, Garbo Dreams