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Finally, Lingerie For The Walking Dead
Posted by richard | October 21, 2012

Zombies would probably have a much better reputation if they cleaned themselves up a bit. Put on a bit of makeup, patch up some of those flesh holes, maybe even change out of the bloody rags once in a while. There’s no reason being dead …

The year’s most talked-about new lingerie label owes its early success to a couple of things you won’t find on any business plan: a lucky coincidence and some incredibly good timing.

When Aaron and Louise Seager began planning an upscale, erotic, bondage-friendly new lingerie brand …

TIA 2012: The X Games of Underwear
Posted by richard | October 19, 2012
Grand Prize Winner: ‘Ecliptic Renewal’, United Kingdom

A new generation of international lingerie designers should be having the time of their lives today, as the annual Triumph Inspiration Awards wraps up its grand finale in a Shanghai art museum. They all have a lot to …

The Bottle That Became A Woman
Posted by richard | October 18, 2012

Modeling a new design for a soda bottle doesn’t sound like the kind of assignment your typical starlet might covet.

Unless, of course, the designer is Jean Paul Gaultier and the product is Coke, whose iconic hourglass bottle is considered a landmark of suggestively erotic …

Is This The New VS Fantasy Bra?
Posted by richard | October 12, 2012

Fans of Victoria’s Secret were scratching their heads today after the lingerie retailer changed a tiny portion of its latest online video, Victoria’s Secret Angels Talk Seduction — possibly to cut out an accidental sneak peek of this year’s million-dollar Fantasy Bra.

The original …

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