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Tyra Banks made headlines yesterday with an important ‘open letter to models’ in The Daily Beast, supporting the decision by Vogue to ban models who appear to have an eating disorder.

Most news outlets picked up on Tyra’s admission that she probably would have …

Valeria (left) and Silvia Campello of Cosabella.

Each of us owes an incalculable debt to our moms, and Mother’s Day often seems like an insufficient way to pay them back. Still, it’s a good time to celebrate what should be a lifelong acknowledgement of …

Finally, A Holiday We Can All Celebrate
Posted by richard | April 26, 2012

If you missed National Lingerie Day on Tuesday, don’t feel too bad — you weren’t alone.

Most people (like me) were completely unaware of the occasion and found out too late in the day to throw together an all-undies party, squeeze in a celebratory shopping …

Few designers could have gotten away with the kind of left-field lunacy that Jean Paul Gaultier brings to his new gig as the celebrity ‘creative director’ for Diet Coke‘s latest European promo campaign.

In addition to dressing up Coke bottles in lingerie, the …

Lillian Bassman: Portraits in Lingerie
Posted by richard | April 10, 2012

The current wave of nostalgia for lingerie styles of the 1950s and 1960s owes a lot to Lillian Bassman, the legendary New York fashion photographer who passed away in February at age 94.

Bassman shot many of the commercial campaigns for major brands of …

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