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Lady Gaga’s Meat Photo: PETA Will Not Be Amused
Posted by richard | September 7, 2010
Lady Gaga in meat lingerie for Vogue Japan

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all from Lady Gaga, here she comes again, this time decked out in meat lingerie — yep, you read that right — for the cover of Vogue Japan.

Hard to imagine why anyone would want to do this, unless you like being licked by dogs.

So what do you make of this? Trashy self-parody by a …

Miley Cyrus and Ashley Greene in Paris

Miley and Ashley in the City of Lights

Newly single singer-starlet Miley Cyrus was spotted all over Paris on the weekend, hitting the clubs with pal Ashley Greene of Twilight fame.

You’ll recall that Miley has been searching for some style direction over the past year, especially when it comes to lingerie-as-outerwear and as a stage costume, and how to distinguish between the two.

The …

Liberty In Lingerie: New York’s Muse?
Posted by richard | September 3, 2010
Lady Gaga in V67

Lady Gaga is transformed into a lingerie-clad Lady Liberty in this limited edition cover for V magazine‘s New York theme issue, which hit newsstands today.

But if you want one of these short-run covers, you’ll have to act fast. Two versions of the Liberty cover are available exclusively online through V’s shop, in limited editions of 1,000 each.

Altogether there are four variations of …

Lingerie Football 2010

Ah, the football season is back again with its familiar sights and sounds — the roaring crowds, the crunching of helmets, the smacking of buttocks, the jiggling boobs, the lacey pink thongs. Wait a minute. Jiggling? Thongs?

Yes, the Lingerie Football League is back and, to my undying horror, it looks like it’s here to stay this time after various false starts over the past …

The Icon Bra: Ultimo’s Latest Space-Age Bust Booster
Posted by amy | September 1, 2010
Icon bra by Ultimo

If UK lingerie brand Ultimo has its way, a lot of British plastic surgeons will be looking for work soon.

With fanfare fit for a royal visit — or a space launch — Ultimo today unveiled its latest cleavage-boosting marvel, the Icon bra.

Calling it “the world’s most technologically advanced bra,” Ultimo president Michelle Mone said the Icon creates “an instant boob lift” by shaping, …

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