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Elizabeth Taylor’s Feminist Legacy
Posted by richard | March 23, 2011

I’ve always considered Elizabeth Taylor to be something of a feminist archetype, which may sound odd given her reputation as someone ruled by her passions and ruined, time and again, by the predations of men.

But it was that sorry legacy — so familiar to women of the 50s and 60s — that seemed to add a necessary spark to the early days of the …

Is This Galliano’s Last Lingerie Line?
Posted by richard | March 8, 2011

The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that Dior is continuing its John Galliano label and sure enough the Galliano fall runway show for Paris Fashion Week went off as planned, despite the absence of its disgraced namesake.

Dior’s declaration of confidence in the label, though, has the whiff of “contractual obligation” and one has to wonder how long the storied fashion house will maintain its …

When I look at at early portraits of my mother taken in the 1950s I’m always shocked at how closely she resembled Jane Russell — a tribute to her styling and cosmetology skills, not her genes. She looked like Jane because she worked at it, in the same way and for the same reasons that so many girls today look like Britney or Beyonce or …

CurveExpo: Random Pix and Picks
Posted by richard | February 25, 2011

Some random images, and even more random thoughts, from this week’s CurveExpo lingerie show in New York:

  • If this show was a competition (it’s not) and I was a judge (I’m not), the Best in Show award would go to Made By Niki‘s spectacular collection of fringe-string body pieces. We’ll have more to say about this later; for now, that’s designer Niki McMorrough below

CurveExpo Report: The Crisis, It Seems, Just Might Be Over
Posted by richard | February 25, 2011
Nicole Zabal of the Eveden Group is dwarfed by a giant poster at the CurveExpo show in New York.

Talk about an interesting coincidence: While lingerie retailers and brands came together in New York this week to show off their goods, Lady Gaga was doing pretty much the same thing during a two-night stand at Madison Square Garden a couple of blocks away.

A few …

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