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Gaultier’s Message In A Bottle
Posted by richard | July 15, 2013

There’s a timeless truth contained within the corseted, torso-shaped bottle of Jean Paul Gaultier‘s Classique fragrance: what’s inside may have its own unique merits, but it’s the packaging that makes it desirable.

It’s a message that lies at the heart of women’s fashion — …


A recent episode of the Doctor Oz show listed women’s most embarrassing health problems — all those squirm-inducing bodily dysfunctions that can shred one’s dignity and which mock our efforts to control them. And topping the list? Excessive perspiration.

Yes, plain old sweating beat …

Articulated pannier and whalebone corset, circa 1740-60

The pursuit of a perfect figure — however culture and custom defined it — has transfixed humanity for centuries. And a new exhibition opening in Paris today reveals that this most unapologetic expression of vanity isn’t confined to …

Dear Kate’s Spill-Proof Plunge
Posted by richard | June 26, 2013

At last, we have an answer to summer’s most embarrassing question: what’s the safest kind of underwear to wear when jumping out of an airplane?

After all, if there’s any activity likely to cause an accident — the leaky kind, not the oh-crap-the-chute-won’t-open kind — …


It is the great paradox of women’s undergarments: no matter how much modern technology, precision craftsmanship and just plain artistry goes into designing bras, women still end up wearing the wrong ones.

We’ve all heard the damning statistic that 80% of women wear the wrong-sized …

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