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An Aussie Christmas: 12 Days of Undies
Posted by LT Staff | November 22, 2011

Western traditions tend to get a bit screwed up when reinterpreted and repurposed Down Under. Take, for example, this year’s Christmas commercial from the big Aussie underwear label Bonds.

The energetic one-minute take on the holiday chestnut “12 Days of Christmas” finds some novel ways to promote Bond’s skivvies, even if some pieces don’t quite work.

For starters, there’s the vocals by Jack Ladder, a Nick Cave soundalike gifted with an end-of-the-world baritone that is better suited to funeral wakes than holiday albums. Imagine Tom Waits doing “Rudolph” and you’ll get the picture.

And what’s going on with those “8 maids a-milking”? Or the “4 calling birds” in their cycling gear?

Still, Aussies will have lots of fun debating their favorite pieces in this slick production, especially since Bonds has sliced it up into a dozen 10-second clips that will bombard the airwaves for the next month.

But the most incongruous moment in the ad comes at the end, with supermodel Rachel Taylor sitting in a tree eating fruit from a can. Anyone can tell that’s not a partridge in a pear tree; it’s a peach in a gum tree.

Something To Remember This Season
Posted by LT Staff | November 21, 2011

There are plenty of ‘Occupy Christmas‘ message boards popping up on Facebook and other social networks. Though the messages vary, all of them are trying to convert the energy from the ongoing protest actions into something tangible as the Christmas consumer splurge bears down on us.

One FB group urges followers to “spend only 1%” of your normal Christmas budget this season — though that seems destined to disappoint your family and friends more than Wall Street tycoons. Others urge people to “buy American” this holiday, which seems more pragmatic.

The image above, oddly, comes from an Australian group that is piggybacking on the Occupy movement to encourage people to patronize independent retailers. Good on ya, mates!

For lingerie shoppers, that means bypassing Target and Victoria WhatsHerName and taking the time to find one of the hundreds of premium, independent retail boutiques that keep this industry strong.

You’ll get much more knowledgeable help from store staff and, besides, the lineups will be much shorter.

‘Girl Panic': Spot the Labels
Posted by richard | November 14, 2011

How many luxe lingerie brands can you spot in the epic new video ‘Girl Panic‘ from Duran Duran? You can’t miss Bordelle (watch for their iconic Angel dress!), Dolce & Gabbana gets major air time, and Marlies Dekkers is in there too. Anyone else?

The much-hyped vid runs over 9 minutes in length, and it’s worth watching repeatedly just to catch fleeting glimpses of all the glam fashions and the wink-wink insider references from the glib hair band’s 1980s’ glory days.

Girl Panic‘ is meant to be a throwback to those times, and the song certainly sounds like an outtake from Rio. You can decide if that’s a good thing or not.

The big attraction, though, is watching a who’s who of 80s supermodels — Naomi Campbell, Helena Christensen, Eva Herzigova, Cindy Crawford, Yasmin Le Bon — kick it old school in London’s Savoy Hotel while pretending to be the band members reflecting on their bad-boy heyday.

The years should be this kind to all of us! Then again, anyone lucky enough to wear these pieces is bound to look spectacular, supermodel or not. …

Here’s ‘Girl Panic‘:

White Swans: Young Designers Envision a Monochrome World
Posted by richard | October 31, 2011

Whoever said you shouldn’t wear white after Labor Day never met today’s crop of fearless young fashion designers.

A recent contest invited emerging designers from around the world to show what they could create using an all-white palette — and the results are mind-boggling.

From bags to shoes to jewelry, corsets, dresses, BDSM accessories and even mittens, the entrants in the White Swan competition showed astonishing creativity. As you might expect, there’s a fair bit of bridal-oriented pieces, but that’s just the start. The diversity of concepts and use of unusual fabrics (like a tutu made from bridal gown scraps, or a gown made from a parachute) is breathtaking and should give you a fair glimpse into the future of fashion around the world.

The White Swan competition drew more than 250 submissions, and 25 winners were chosen by online voting (which, sadly, produced weak numbers). There was also a set of jury prizes, and those chosen will get a public showing next weekend at the annual Les Coulisses du Mariage bridal show in Paris.

White Swan — which was a sort of rebuttal to last year’s Black Swan-themed fashions — was conceived by Carnet de Monde, which showcases young couture designers, in parternship with Le Figaro.

Below we offer a few of our favorites from the contest, but there’s plenty more to look at on the competition’s website:

Delphine by Cliff Lee, France
Hand-pleated dress long in front, short in back.
Breathing Coral Polyp by Malgorzata Dudek, Poland
Layers of silk chiffon structured with spiral metal boning.
Inspired by the Great Barrier Reef.
Dancing Swan by Michael van der Meide, Netherlands
Unique dress made from 1951 American parachute cloth.
Bouquet d’Organza by Princesse Prune, France
From the AW 2011-12 jewelry couture collection, Auto-Portrait.
Tulip skirt by Tristan + Trista, USA
Distressed chiffon layers arranged to mimic the petals of a tulip.
Two Halves of One by Marie Dean, Italy
Macrame weavings in cotton, silk, linen and straw.
Love and Peace by Lily Griffiths, France
Lace headbands with rose and crystal adornment.
Gone With The Wind by Larisa Katz, Netherlands
From the art couture label’s summer 2012 collection.
Necklace by Naomi McIntosh, UK
Slinky-like flexible necklace in polished acrylic.
Camilla Mikama, Finland
Viscose/elastane dress with puzzle-piece cutouts.
Ice Queen by Claire Garvey, Ireland
Hand-beaded gown with feathered headpiece.
Caged Spine by Anna Osterlund, Sweden
3-piece white denim suit held together with shoelaces.
Angel by Dora Kelemen, France
Giant knitted cover-up from the Hungarian conceptual artist/designer.
Tutu by Ek Bacharack, South Africa
Handmade from discarded bridal tulle scraps, attached to a corset base.
Inspired by nightmares following viewing of Black Swan
Lace mask by Ek Bacharack, South Africa
See above, from the SS 2012 collection Hypnagogic.
Madeleine handcuffs by Fraulein Kink, Germany
White fur cuffs with gunmetal chain and closures and ribbon bow.
Black Swan by Edyta Jermacz, Poland
Dress made from raw silk pieces stitched to transparent body..
Ashita by Joanna Hawrot, Poland
White muslin dress inspired by Japanese fashion.
Shirt in Pieces by Iris Loeffler, Germany
Deconstructed shirt dress inspired by menswear.
Draped dress by Heureka, UK
Draped jersey with three-dimensional structure.
Dila corset by Khatuna Tskhakaia, France
From the Parisian stylist’s collection Georgie.
Man’s shirt dress by Lena Ivanova, Ukraine
Designed like a man’s shirt worn backwards, with print frills like a swan’s tail.
Ur by Dorit Loffler, Germany
Silk and merino wool mittens and hat inspired by early farm workers.

It’s hard to believe, but Halloween is already less than a week away. If you want to dress up as something sexy, exciting and unique, you may have to spend a little extra time planning and researching.

Don’t want to be the hundredth naughty nurse at the party? Are you less than thrilled about being just another dirty cop? Don’t despair. There are a few new trends that are popping up with some out-of-the-Halloween-ordinary outfit ideas that are sexy enough to be transferred from the bedroom to a party.

So, if you aren’t quite sure what to dress up as yet, here are a few examples of what costumes are hot this year to help you look hot Halloween night.

Geek Chic
Geeks have infiltrated our everyday life. No longer are the technology-obsessed seen as overweight, lonely, unwashed men in their parents’ basement. These days, the geekier side of society is seen as creative and edgy entrepreneurs, and even — dare I say? — sexy.

This phenomenon is apparent in TV shows such as The Big Bang Theory and Glee, the number of ever-popular comic book and video game conventions, and in a whole slew of movies (The Social Network, Transformers, Tron, and, oh, about a hundred superhero films.)

The nerdy trend is definitely seen in Halloween costumes, too, where shoppers are tending to prefer pop culture costumes over old, scary favorites — and not just men. Now, more than ever, women are choosing costumes featuring geek-chic characters that at one time may have been considered less-than-desirable, but are now sexy and cool. Here are some examples that could help add to your hipster-nerd cred:

  • Codex, from the web series The Guild (above left)
  • Sexy Red Plumber (above right)
  • Tron body suit, Wonder Woman, Glee Cheerio Cheerleader

Elaborate Classics
There is no denying that there are a number of costumes that will never go out of style. Themes like pirates, storybook characters, and scary-yet-sexy favorites like vampires and witches will always be popular during the spooky season.

However, those who choose this type of outfit that still want to stand out from the crowd should consider splurging a little for the holiday. At many costume retailers, there are deluxe versions of most costumes. These styles are a little pricier, yes, but it shows in the quality. These erotic costumes are well-constructed and have more details and pieces to give the outfit an authentic look.

So, don’t worry – there’s nothing wrong with picking a classic costume for Halloween, but if you want to stand out from the rest this October, here are some choices:

  • Deluxe Pirate Wench (above left)
  • Red Hot Riding Hood (top photo)
  • Vampire countess (above right), woodland fairy, German beer girl, Alice in Wonderland

Vintage Sexy
Vintage-inspired Halloween costumes can make anyone look sexy, classy, and timeless while dressing up for the holiday. Thanks to TV shows like Mad Men, Pan Am, and The Playboy Club, retro looks have taken over clothing lines and now Halloween shops, whether the show was successful or not.

Party-goers can choose their favorite decade and fashion style, as well as how much skin they’d like to show. (Just because you aren’t scantily-clad, doesn’t mean you aren’t looking sexy! Also, perfect for girls in the chillier climates.) For the retro-lovers of the world, here are some examples of classic costume looks from the past:

  • Flight Attendant (above left)
  • Flapper girl (right)
  • Playboy bunny, pin-up girl, 50s housewife

This guest article was contributed by MaDonna Flowers of SexyCostumes.com, a website that sells sexy costumes that are perfect for Halloween or a night in.

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