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It’s hard to believe, but Halloween is already less than a week away. If you want to dress up as something sexy, exciting and unique, you may have to spend a little extra time planning and researching.

Don’t want to be the hundredth naughty nurse at the party? Are you less than thrilled about being just another dirty cop? Don’t despair. There are a few …

Today is the 14th annual Love Your Body Day, which was started by the National Organization for Women to educate women about body image issues and eating disorders. It’s also meant to draw attention to the relentless barrage of print and TV ads that make women feel inferior about their bodies and seek improvement through diets, push-up bras and cosmetic surgery.

There are a …

Steve Jobs Changed Fashion Shoots, Too
Posted by richard | October 9, 2011

Russell James, the celebrity fashion photographer, added this tribute to Steve Jobs over the weekend, showing how the former Apple CEO changed the way model shoots are done.

James posted three images on his Facebook page that offer a behind-the-scenes look at a recent Victoria’s Secret photoshoot, and how Apple products became surprisingly indispensable parts of the process.

“As I look around my shoot,” …

The Lingerie Project: Naked Truths from Real, Real Women
Posted by richard | September 20, 2011

The most overdone trend in lingerie marketing is the use of “average women” to lend a veneer of everyday realism to a brand’s carefully packaged fantasies.

When done sensitively, these campaigns can give consumers a useful reference point. But they can also come across as exploitative: in almost all such cases the volunteer models aren’t paid, their “average” figures are given a Photoshop brush-up, and …

I love a good play on words, so I was immediately attracted to Jenny Altman‘s new project, ILoveAGood.com. The name is intentionally incomplete — it’s an open-ended invitation for people to fill in the blank with whatever inspires, excites and motivates them.

I Love A Good is a new lingerie style website — it launches tomorrow — that promises to be a welcome …

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