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German Label Charged For This Ad
Posted by richard | August 22, 2012

Now, THIS is how you do guerrilla marketing.

The German lingerie retailer Blush Berlin defaced one of its own billboards on the weekend to show solidarity for the imprisoned Russian activists Pussy Riot — and paid a price for the stunt.

While this might sound …

A ‘Little Mermaid’ Lingerie Line
Posted by richard | August 15, 2012

Like a lot of Westerners, the Japanese lingerie market makes me a little uncomfortable. So much of it is too cutesy, too juvenile, and spilling over with frills, ruffles, bows and baubles of every variety — regardless of what age group is being targeted.

Japanese …

Team GB’s Secret Weapon
Posted by richard | August 15, 2012

Dress a girl up in £500 worth of luxury lingerie and it’s bound to do wonders for her outlook. But what can you actually do with all that newfound self-confidence and sense of empowerment?

If you were a member of Great Britain’s enormously successful Olympics …

Breastfeeding Becomes Fashionable
Posted by richard | August 6, 2012

In a perfect world, scenes like these wouldn’t attract much attention. In the real world, though, they’re almost subversive.

Not because the model in these images is wearing fashionable evening dresses in common settings, but because she’s breastfeeding in public.…

Changing Lives, One Thong At A Time
Posted by richard | August 3, 2012

There’s something special inside every package of Empowered By You panties: an insert card that tells the inspirational story of a real woman in a developing country whose life was changed by your purchase.

Launched last night at a reception in New York, Empowered By

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