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Smoking has all but disappeared from popular media, and that’s indisputably a good thing.

After more than 50 years of restrictive new laws and public health education, tobacco use is waning in most Western countries. In the media, depictions of people smoking have been relegated to cable TV, country music, indie films and the occasional edgy magazine editorial.

But there’s one more curious little niche …

Fortnight Lingerie + Lululemon Lab
Posted by Lingerie Talk | March 13, 2014

There’s still time to score some of these cool duotone pieces from Fortnight Lingerie‘s collaboration with Lululemon, but you’re going need a plane ticket.

Alas, the limited edition set is available only at the Lululemon Lab design shop in Vancouver, where it launched last month. Which is a shame, since this is a sensible collabo between two well-matched Canadian brands, and one with …

Negative Name, Positive Concept
Posted by richard | March 10, 2014

With a name like Negative, you might expect New York’s newest underwear brand to be an underground, anti-fashion label aimed at scowling goth girls.

You’d be wrong. The name might sound like a downer, but the founders of Negative Underwear only want to bring a positive new direction to women’s wardrobes.

Their brand name, like the first Negative collection, is a response to the …


Don’t be surprised if you see a few girls on the frozen sidewalks of Toronto and Montreal tomorrow sporting perfectly curled black bangs and decked out in polka-dot bustiers or leopard print bikinis or lace-and-leather fetish costumes in spite of the cold.

A striptease convention in town? A BDSM-themed bachelorette?

No, they’ll be lining up for the eagerly anticipated premiere of Bettie Page Reveals All


The brains behind a record-setting Kickstarter clothing project — underwear that pokes fun at women’s periods — is a single guy who says the idea started as a joke and took six years to bring to market.

Anthony Hall, a 31-year-old graphic artist from Chicago, has raised more than $353,000 in less than a month to finance the production of Period Panties, which …

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