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An extraordinary photo project by a New York underwear brand aims to change the way people view post-mastectomy breast reconstruction — and those cancer survivors who choose not to undergo the procedure.

But there’s a lot more than that involved in the explicit topless images of three women shot by Play Out Underwear, a queer label that produces unisex underwear and has a deep interest in evolving concepts of gender identity. (more…)


If you haven’t encountered a new sleepwear brand called Lusomé yet, consider yourself fortunate — it probably means you don’t need it.

But for women who know the misery of chronic night sweats, the new Canadian label with the high-tech fabric solution will feel like a godsend. (more…)

A Racy Reading From Playful Promises
Posted by richard | February 19, 2015

You don’t need to be a book lover (or even wear lingerie) to get a huge kick out of the witty new photo campaign from London label Playful Promises. It helps, though, if you have a dirty mind.

The campaign is called “Product of a Mischievous Mind” and it juxtaposes saucy double entendres from classic 19th Century novels with racy imagery (more…)


© Gustavo Villar

Just when it seems we’ve got the gender equality thing sorted out, along comes Valentine’s Day to screw the whole thing up and undo about 100 years of social progress.

Valentine’s Day is our most conflicted annual occasion, a market-driven stew of angst and disappointed expectations. It’s also our most sexist holiday. (more…)

Say It With Heart: Graphic Lingerie Pieces for Your Valentine
Posted by Lingerie Talk | February 13, 2015

Heart-themed lingerie is not for everyone and not for every occasion. On Valentine’s Day, however, cupid lovers get a free pass when it comes to indulging in this most ubiquitous graphic cliché.

Most heart-print fashion tends to be either juvenile or trashy and it’s often found in racy erotic costumes. Some lingerie and fashion brands, though, use Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to find cute and creative new ways to recycle heart imagery.

If you’re looking for a gift item that unambiguously screams romance, here’s a selection of some of the nicer (and most provocative) heart-themed pieces in the market today. (more…)

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