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Store Your Purse In Your Bra With The Cleavage Caddy!
Posted by melanie | May 27, 2010
Cleavage Caddy_1

First there was the Backtacular gluteal cleft patch, and now the Cleavage Caddy. For once, words almost escape me — almost.

Yes ladies, forgo your handbags, clutches and satchels for you can proudly wear the contents of your purse in your chest!…

Summer Solution: NuBra Is A Real Sunburn Beater
Posted by melanie | May 25, 2010
NuBra Silicone U-Shape
NuBra Seamless Push Up

I had the great idea yesterday to sit outside and get some much-needed sun, as it was just far too beautiful to stay indoors.

Sunscreen? No, I wanted to get fast results and maximize my time in the sun!

Well, four hours and three …

Rebecca Taylor Bedazzles With Crystal Leggings
Posted by melanie | April 27, 2010
Stormy Lilac and Midnight Tights from Rebecca Taylor

The onset of warmer weather means it’s time for the celebratory, and long-awaited, purging of legwear and hosiery. I know you’re probably slathering on the sunless tanner in hopes of having bronzed gams in time for the hot weather, but I just can’t resist sharing …

The Backtacular: No Cracks, Please!
Posted by melanie | April 20, 2010
The Backtacular by Kimberlily

This is wacky, tacky and so very true! We all know that low-rise jeans often expose the dreaded ‘bum cleavage’ when seated, but one company seems to have a fashionable solution for low-rise lovers.

Instead of concealing unsightly fashion faux pas why not draw attention …

The Natural By Coconut Grove Intimates
Posted by nicole | March 30, 2010
The Natural Adhesive Lite Bra

Adhesive Lite Bra

The Natural Sexy Plunge Bra

Sexy Plunge

We’ve all fallen in love with that perfect dress or shirt – and then discovered that our bra just won’t work under it. What’s a gal to do? Turn to Coconut Grove Intimates, that’s what!…

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