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How Gaultier’s La Perla Collection Was Meant To Look
Posted by richard | March 21, 2011

When Jean Paul Gaultier‘s limited edition lingerie collection for La Perla finally reached the market a few months ago, it drew plenty of praise but a few quibbles as well. Sure, it would look fabulous on display at MOMA or the FIT museum, but …

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La Perla’s Sexy Spring Pastels
Posted by melanie | March 9, 2011

The onset of spring usually prompts us to clean out our winter wardrobes to make room for lighter, flirtier fare, but do you pay attention to switching out your winter lingerie as well?

Just as new fashion collections usher in each season with weather-appropriate apparel, …

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La Perla’s Ingenue: Color-Coded Confidence Boosters
Posted by melanie | February 12, 2011

Lingerie, as we ladies know, is offered in a vast array of silhouettes, fabrics, colors, styles, feminine details, etc … but when it comes to men, what do they prefer?

I decided to visit trusty ol’ Google and type the question ‘what color lingerie do …

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La Perla’s Baffling Cotton Basics
Posted by amy | January 19, 2011

Does anyone really need a $76 plain grey T-shirt from La Perla? Especially when it’ll set you back another $200+ for their seamless T-shirt bra?

I’m trying to make sense of the latest U.S. market moves from the venerable Italian label, which has been …

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JP Gaultier Line Coming In November
Posted by richard | August 27, 2010
Jean Paul Gaultier for La Perla

Will Jean Paul Gaultier do for shoulder pads what he did for bullet bras?

Judging from these these preview images, shoulder pads (and the complicated strapping they require) appear to be one of the signature elements in the highly anticipated lingerie line that maestro Gaultier …

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