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La Perla’s Geo-Targeted New Girls
Posted by richard | December 2, 2013

Luxury doesn’t sell itself — despite what we sometimes think.

Although the luxury goods market has been somewhat insulated during the economic roller coaster of the past few years, it’s still a competitive space and brands are constantly looking for an edge keep them front and center in the minds of their well-heeled clientele.

Which explains, in part, why La Perla has opened its wallet …

La Perla’s Sensuous Salute To Sicily
Posted by richard | January 16, 2013

La Perla specializes in creating illusions — artistic, theatrical, seductive illusions that lift women out of their daily lives and transport them to other, more glamorous and romantic, worlds.

The Italian lingerie house did it twice last year, with a spring collection that evoked the coy playfulness of the 1960s and a geisha-inspired fall range — the year’s most triumphant lingerie collection — that blended …

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La Perla’s Book Of Love
Posted by richard | October 1, 2012

It’s no accident that Lingerie & Desire, the first book to chronicle the evolution of Italian superbrand La Perla, resembles a coffee-table book of great fashion photography from the past half-century.

Presentation has always been a central part of La Perla’s seductive allure, and over the past 60 years the company both attracted and commissioned some of the world’s best photographers to create …

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La Perla Looks East
Posted by richard | July 20, 2012

The Year of the Dragon is turning out to be an auspicious one for lovers of fine lingerie.

La Perla‘s sensuous new Oriental Suite is the second major European collection of 2012 that draws its inspiration from Asian design and cultural influences — the other being Marlies Dekkers‘ colorful spring-summer swim and lingerie line called Far East.

La Perla‘s fall collection …

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La Perla Reinvents The ’60s
Posted by richard | March 29, 2012

There have been countless Mad Men-inspired collections and marketing tie-ins from fashion lingerie labels in the past couple of years. But one name was conspicuously missing in the giddy rush to revisit the 1960s: La Perla.

A bit late to the party, perhaps, but the Italian superbrand’s entrance was worth waiting for. It’s gasp-inducing gorgeous, utterly original and offers a thoughtful evaluation of …

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