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A Christmas Gift from Intimissimi
Posted by richard | December 9, 2011

Don’t you wish more fashion lingerie labels would do holiday-themed collections?

There are plenty of “sexy santa” outfits available through online retailers, but too often they look like leftovers from Hallowe’en. It’s rarer to find a collection that actually tries to make a fashion statement out of Christmas clichés.

The luxury Italian label Intimissimi is one that tries to do something new with Christmas each year, and they bring as much flirty style to the task as they do for all their collections. For 2011 they produced a small collection of luxurious, mostly red-and-white seasonal pieces like the ones shown here.

Alas, Intimissimi remains very difficult to find outside of continental Europe. If parent company Calzedonia really wanted to give women a Christmas present, they’d work on North American distribution a bit harder.

And it may be coming. Intimissimi will shortly launch an e-shop, which seems like a big deal to them even though the rest of the retail world has being doing the same thing for years. It will start with sales to customers in Italy, Austria and the UK only but — fingers crossed — it should be little trouble to expand the operation from there.

In the meantime, here’s a teaser commercial for the Christmas collection (below), featuring Intimissimi’s brand ambassador Irina Shayk. You might not be able to get your hands on this item yet, but at least you’ll get an idea of what Ronaldo will be unwrapping on Christmas morning.

You can also learn more about the collection, and sign up to be an early ‘member’ of the brand’s new online service by visiting Intimissimi’s Facebook page.

The ‘New’ Face of Intimissimi?
Posted by richard | February 17, 2011

You might need to look closely to tell, but these are not pictures of the same girl.

In fact, these are three different supermodels who just have a lot in common: the tousled chestnut hair; dark doe eyes and full brows; slender Greek nose and full lips; and, of course, a modestly buxom figure.

Oh, and they all represent Intimissimi, the luxury Italian label which, more than most brands, has very specific tastes when it comes to hiring models to promote its wares. The names often change with each new season or collection, but the look never does.

For the record, that’s Irina Shayk (2009) on the left, Bianca Balti (2010) in the middle, and Alyssa Miller (2011) on the right. All great beauties, to be sure, but it’s a bit odd to read press releases each year announcing “the new face of Intimissimi.” They could be sisters, even triplets.

Still not convinced? The series below shows Yesica Toscanini (left), Candice Boucher (centre) and Diana Morales, all from Intimissimi campaigns of the past couple of years.

Intimissimi occasionally diverges from its model typecasting: Candice’s blue eyes really stood out, and the brand employed blondes such as Sophie Holmes and Ana Beatriz Barros before settling in 2009 on Irina (who has since been named the company’s “style ambassador”).

What’s the strategy here? It’s tempting to say that Intimissimi is trying to capture an iconic Italian look — except that, of the 6 recent Intimissimi models shown here, only Bianca is Italian. Alyssa Miller, the “new face” of Intimissimi for 2011, is from California.

A more likely answer is that, starting with Irina, Intimissimi found a model whose look could define the brand — a rare and highly prized commodity — and have been replicating that look ever since. Hey, you can’t argue with success, right?

Below we have a gallery showing Alyssa modeling Intimissimi’s Spring 2011 collection. Which, for American readers, will be just another reason to sigh.

The label hasn’t been available in the U.S. since pulling out of its distribution deal with Victoria’s Secret over a year ago, leaving behind legions of loyal fans.

But there may be hope on the horizon. Intimissimi, which is part of the Calzedonia fashion empire, is promising a big announcement next Monday — could it be a new U.S. distribution network? Anyone curious might want to check out the company website, where they are actively soliciting franchisees.

Sexy Style Advice From Irina Shayk (video)
Posted by richard | February 13, 2011

Want to know how to achieve the radiant glow of supermodel Irina Shayk? Start with 14 hours of sleep a day, preferably during daytime so as to avoid the skin-withering effects of the sun.

These and other tips are offered in a new video from Intimissimi lingerie, the Italian label that once used Irina as a model and now counts her as a “style advisor”.

And Irina’s choice for a sexy V-Day lingerie ensemble? A lacy corset and matching thong from Intimissimi, of course.

Missing Intimissimi: Gorgeous Lingerie You Can’t Have
Posted by melanie | October 28, 2010

The French have a clever word for window shopping — lèche-vitrine, which literally translates as ‘window licking’. C’est génial, non?

The French clearly comprehend the absurd notion of window shopping. I mean, who does it enthusiastically? No one, that’s who. Window shopping is what you’re left with when you’re charging groceries on credit or suffering from that last Valentino purchase.

But you know what’s even worse? When you can actually afford something, only to feel your heart plummet upon learning it’s not available where you live, not for any price.

Such is the case with Italian luxury lingerie label, Intimissimi. More on this dilemma in a moment.

You may remember our most recent post featuring the gorgeous Bianca Balti posing for Intimissimi’s fall/winter 2010-2011 campaign. Now, the label has released a new winter 2010 campaign featuring model Diana Morales.

Morales, who is just as stunning as Balti — seriously, this label boasts one of the most impressive model rosters outside of Victoria’s Secret — is a Spanish siren who is quite petite for the modeling world, standing 5’5″.

The campaign consists of Morales posing in a variety of new styles, like a sexy sheer floral black bustier, a slate grey bra with mint green ribbon detail, flirty tartan under things, and super cozy-looking loungewear that I am DYING to wear right now. I must also mention the drool-worthy interior that is the setting of this shoot, and which has made me love the lingerie even more so, if that’s possible.

And therein lies the problem. Currently, Intimissimi is not sold in North America and it is virtually impossible to locate an online retailer. So, unless you plan on buying a $1,000 plane ticket to Rome to purchase a $100 lingerie set, I’d say you’re pretty much limited to ‘window licking’.

This would be forgivable if we were talking about a boutique brand, but Intimissimi is a leading Italian label owned by the Calzedonia group, one of the world’s leading apparel brands with over 1,200 stores. Until last year, Intimissimi was available at 200-plus Victoria’s Secret stores in the U.S., but that partnership ended without Intimissimi or Calzedonia announcing a new strategy for North America.

There’s even a discussion group on Intimissimi’s Facebook page in which grumpy U.S. fans grouse about the problem.

And yes, we contacted the company for information, and no, they didn’t respond.

If anyone has any information regarding where or when Intimissimi lingerie will be sold again in North America, I will personally cover the costs of your purchase (well, not really, but I will hold you in high regard forever).

For now, join me in drooling over these images of lingerie you can’t have!

Bianca Balti for Intimissimi Lingerie

Bianca Balti returns to promote Intimissimi’s F/W 2010 collection, and of course, I am completely in love with the new collection and, of course, Bianca.

Balti, who graced the runway of many of this season’s hottest shows — Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior and Prada, to name a few — proves this Italian stunner is still very much in demand.

In the latest Intimissimi lingerie campaign, Balti channels a modern-day Sophia Loren with her tousled voluminous bob, feline eyes and signature pout.

Set within a distressed interior, the feminine, vintage-inspired lingerie contrasts beautifully against the romantic and antique environment.

Now would be a good time to tell you that I am pretty much a sucker for the juxtaposition of  anything feminine/masculine, new/antique, rustic/modern. Combine them and well, in the words of celeb stylist Rachel Zoe, “I die!”

Though I don’t want my opinion to persuade you, I’m sure you’ll agree after viewing the images, that’s it definitely a world you want get lost in.

To view more, visit intimissimi.com.

Bianca Balti for Intimissimi Lingerie F/W 2010-11 Collection

Bianca Balti for Intimissimi Lingerie F/W 2010-11 Collection

Bianca Balti for Intimissimi Lingerie F/W 2010-11 Collection
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