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A Smokin’ Tribute to Warhol’s It Girl
Posted by richard | February 22, 2013

The photo campaign for the new lingerie collection from GlobLove includes something rarely seen in fashion photography these days: a model smoking a cigarette.

It’s obviously a prop (in some shots the cig is not even lit) but it’s such a glaring anachronism in our post-tobacco world that it leaps off the page.

It’s also a risky strategy in the luxury intimates industry, which prefers to show a highly sanitized — and healthy — vision of modern femininity.

But this isn’t just another attempt to cash in on the overplayed Mad Men craze, with all its delicious and politically incorrect sins. It’s a serious attempt from the young Montreal label to capture the underground spirit of 1960s New York and in particular the enduring appeal of Edie Sedgwick, the tragic waif who inspired Warhol, Dylan and many others.

That, too, might seem like a risky reference point for a line of silky lace boudoir fashions. Edie’s famously messy life was like a cautionary tale for party girls everywhere: she was tormented by addictions, family tragedies, medical emergencies and train-wreck relationships, and died miserably.

Not an obvious choice for a lingerie campaign, except for this overarching truth: men were, and continue to be, mesmerized by Edie and her overexposed boyish body. And successive generations of young women have sought to emulate the poor-little-rich-girl’s chaotic YOLO sensibility, however self-destructive it ultimately was (Edie died of a drug overdose at age 28).


And, as much as any ’60s icon, Edie (above) made the idea of living in your underwear a conscious style choice (in one of her Warhol films, she spent the entire movie in bed wearing just bra and panties). Given that legacy, it’s a wonder more lingerie brands don’t pay her tribute, or royalties.

GlobLove‘s spring collection is called Factory Girl after the most famous of Edie’s movies, and photographer Bernardo Fernandez shot the new campaign in an underground New York factory to recreate the legendary look of Warhol’s creative milieu.

And designer Liana Artinian knows the campaign could draw some flak, especially from anti-smoking activists.

“We really wanted to convey the feeling of the 1960s New York socialite crowd, Edie Sedgewick especially and the time she spent as Warhol’s muse,” Liana told Lingerie Talk. “We also found a lot of inspiration from Brigitte Bardot photos and other actresses of that era. Almost every photograph of these women we looked to for inspiration had them portrayed smoking (which) was not as taboo as it is now.”

“I believe that the true job of an artist is to convey as accurately as possible the source of their inspiration,” said Liana (who doesn’t smoke). “I understand it may be offensive to some [but] promoting or idealizing smoking is not the intention of this shoot or of globLove. [It’s] to really transport the audience to a certain era and staying true to a creative vision, which I think is important and something I have tried to conserve consistently throughout my campaigns.”

GlobLove, which is distributed in boutiques across Canada as well as the Quebec chain Simons, has built a strong following over its first two years in part by creating ambitious ad campaigns to draw attention to its very feminine garments. (Its debut was accompanied by this stylish take on Alice in Wonderland.)

GlobLove’s Factory Girl range is a very market-friendly set of light, coquettish pieces in shades like black, rosedust and sunset, most of which you can see in these campaign images. For product details, visit the company’s online shop.

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A Few Things We Know About GlobLove
Posted by richard | March 23, 2012

The Montreal newcomer GlobLove is back with a pretty spring collection that says a lot about how it views women, and a lot about this young designer label as well.

GlobLove was launched just last June by designer Liana Artinian as a way of pursuing a fashion career while supporting the non-profit group FINCA, which helps women launch small businesses in underdeveloped countries.

Her Spring/Summer 2012 collection is called Deux ou Trouis Choses que sais d’Elle … (“2 or 3 Things I Know About Her …”). With that idea in mind, here’s a few things we’ve learned about GlobLove:

  • This is one of a growing number of nouveau Parisienne labels that are interpreting French lingerie styling for the North American market. GlobLove‘s Deux ou Trois includes two style ranges that offer different takes on that approach: the frilly rose-hued Savannah line with its gorgeous girly ruffles; and the ivory lace Paris 2 p.m. set with its stunning, Damaris-inspired bodysuit.
  • Deux ou Trois has been set up to appeal to two types of personalities: the somewhat shy ingenue who favors the coquettish designs of the Savannah range, and the romantic seductress who prefers the bold fashion statements of Paris 2 p.m..
  • GlobLove is all about natural curves and silhouettes; you won’t find any wires their catalogue. This is a lace-and-mesh label that emphasizes both fit and comfort.
  • For a small operation, GlobLove puts a lot of time and thought into campaign promotions, which earns it more attention than many small labels often get. Last year’s Tim Burton-themed photoshoot was one of the year’s most memorable, and this season’s campaign (see below) hits the mark, too.
  • Every young label needs at least one simple, can’t-miss wardrobe stable to keep customers coming back. GlobLove has that with its Anais line of low-priced lace boyshorts with scalloped waistband. At $10 apiece, this item alone could do for GlobLove what the lace thong did for Hanky Panky.
  • GlobLove is growing. After launching last year strictly as an online e-tail operation, the label can now be found in lingerie boutiques across Canada.

Here are some more images from the Deux ou Trois Choses que said d’Elle … collection. You might need to brush up on your French!

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The very thought of Tim Burton‘s name being attached to a fashion label — let alone a lingerie brand — is almost too delicious to bear.

But, alas, you can stop squirming: the crazed Alice/Beetlejuice director isn’t branching out into fashion design — yet.

What we have in the meantime is this clever and charming photoshoot from the hot young Canadian label, GlobLove.

Designer Liana Artinian cooked up the Tim Burton-themed campaign to promote GlobLove’s first holiday collection, using Montreal’s hip-and-hot boutique hotel Chez Swann for her backdrop.

The campaign is called Step Into Reality and it does a great job of capturing the disorienting spatial sense and menacing pop-art landscape that characterize much of Burton’s cinematic world.

Artinian and photographer Taline Nalbandian have done a masterful job of art-directing the shoot, and clearly spared no expense for make-up! The black roses are another nice touch, and the GlobLove team deserves credit for avoiding the candy-cane clichés that dominate so much holiday lingerie advertising.

However, the campaign is not quite as successful at showcasing GlobLove’s products, which have to compete with the colorful art direction and composition in each image. (This is one of Burton’s issues, too. At his best — Alice, Charlie — the costumes are a vital part of each frame; at his worst — Sleepy Hollow, Sweeney Todd — they are overwhelmed by the sets).

Which is a shame, since the label’s debut collection, Film Noir, has a lot to offer, especially if your tastes run to fine stretch lace basics. Here’s an example of a behind-the-scenes photo from Step Into Reality that conveys the delicacy and craftsmanship of GlobLove’s range of lace bodies and hosiery:

In June, Artinian launched her affordable luxury collection with website shop, and recently partnered with the online discounter Beyond The Rack to expand GlobLove’s reach.

The label is also distinguished by its contributions to FINCA, the NGO that provides economic supports for women entrepreneurs in developing countries. A great cause and just another reason to support this ambitiously philanthropic young label.

Here are some more images from GlobLove’s holiday collection and campaign, Step Into Reality:

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If Liana Artinian‘s dream comes true, her brand new lingerie label will improve the lives of women around the world — and not just in the romance department.

GlobLove, which debuts on Wednesday with a gala launch party in Montreal, has aligned itself with the micro-lending agency FINCA International, which provides business loans to women entrepreneurs in some of the world’s poorest countries. GlobLove will contribute 5% of its earnings to FINCA at the start, but Artinian has her sights set on a loftier goal.

“Success for me will mean being sustainable enough to be able to give a bigger portion of profits to FINCA,” she said. “I’d like to be able to give 20 percent.”

For Artinian, a 31-year-old Montreal native, the launch of GlobLove and her partnership with FINCA are the result of years of traveling and working as a buying agent in Asia for other brands. She lived in China for three years and toured Asia extensively, sourcing labor and products. The experience, she said, “made me very aware of the conditions women are living in. I think it’s really important that they have opportunities.”

When she returned from Asia (and a brief stint living in Cuba), Artinian decided she wanted to launch a business that supports non-profit groups working in the Third World. “I became really interested in FINCA,” she said, “so I met with them and told them what I wanted to do.” The agency — which counts Natalie Portman and Zoe Saldana among its high-profile supporters — was thrilled with Artinian’s offer and her determination to make a difference.

GlobLove (pronounced “global love”) also gives women who can afford nice underwear a way to support those who can’t. “By purchasing the most intimate and feminine apparel, women all over the world can encourage their peers in less fortunate corners of the globe by giving them the opportunity to build their own buying power,” she said.

Artinian designed GlobLove’s entire 40-piece debut collection, called Film Noir. It’s an affordable luxury line of seductive bodysuits, slips, bras and panties, with generous use of on-trend lace and mesh fabrics. There’s also a hosiery collection and a small line of jewelry accessories.

Another thing that sets GlobLove apart is that it’s launching strictly as an e-tail operation. The only place to buy GlobLove pieces will be on the company’s new website, a strategy that keeps prices affordable and lets the company start off without the expense of a sales operation. Artinian said she will look at wholesaling in the future, “but for the moment we don’t want to go too big too quickly.”

GlobLove’s debut line, Film Noir, is now live on the company site. The lookbook images below will give you a sense of the coquettish, vintage-esque stying involved. And, although the photoshoot is a black-and-white affair, GlobLove pieces are available in a range of soft pastel shades besides black.

Details of the GlobLove launch party are available on the company website and its Facebook page, and it’s worth noting the collection will be 25% off during the launch bash.

The label’s website also offers information about FINCA’s work around the world. You can find out more at Finca.org.

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