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A Smokin’ Tribute to Warhol’s It Girl
Posted by richard | February 22, 2013

The photo campaign for the new lingerie collection from GlobLove includes something rarely seen in fashion photography these days: a model smoking a cigarette.

It’s obviously a prop (in some shots the cig is not even lit) but it’s such a glaring anachronism in our post-tobacco world that it leaps off the page.

It’s also a risky strategy in the luxury intimates industry, which prefers …

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A Few Things We Know About GlobLove
Posted by richard | March 23, 2012

The Montreal newcomer GlobLove is back with a pretty spring collection that says a lot about how it views women, and a lot about this young designer label as well.

GlobLove was launched just last June by designer Liana Artinian as a way of pursuing a fashion career while supporting the non-profit group FINCA, which helps women launch small businesses in underdeveloped countries.

Her …

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The very thought of Tim Burton‘s name being attached to a fashion label — let alone a lingerie brand — is almost too delicious to bear.

But, alas, you can stop squirming: the crazed Alice/Beetlejuice director isn’t branching out into fashion design — yet.

What we have in the meantime is this clever and charming photoshoot from the hot young Canadian label, …

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If Liana Artinian‘s dream comes true, her brand new lingerie label will improve the lives of women around the world — and not just in the romance department.

GlobLove, which debuts on Wednesday with a gala launch party in Montreal, has aligned itself with the micro-lending agency FINCA International, which provides business loans to women entrepreneurs in some of the world’s poorest …

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