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Fashions for the Faux Fitness Tribe
Posted by richard | May 27, 2014

Free People is the latest fashion lifestyle brand to stake a claim in the trendy-but-crowded activewear market. But the launch this month of its FP Movement collection begs the question: Is Free People serious about women’s fitness, or just helping them look good?

The boho cousin of Urban Outfitters covers a lot of ground in its ambitious FP Movement range, a grab-bag of apparel and …

Light Therapy From Free People
Posted by Lingerie Talk | February 6, 2014

These days it seems like half of North America (the frozen half) is suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Yes, it’s a thing: the depressive state induced by shorter winter days, a lack of exposure to sunlight, slush-frozen toes, and the horrific realization that perhaps spring is never coming back and the next ice age has, in fact, already begun.

Well, as they like to …

Free People’s New Wild Child
Posted by richard | June 10, 2013

This is always a big week for Free People as festival season kicks into high gear and fans of the boho chic label start shedding layers as a matter of principle.

And if you haven’t yet finalized your outfit for Bonnaroo this weekend, there’s plenty of good news from Free People, which has expanded its intimates line and is promising 30% more styles in …

Lots More to Love From Free People
Posted by richard | April 11, 2012

Few fashion retailers do as good a job blending their clothing and underwear collections as Free People.

The trendy boho chic label’s FP Intimately lingerie range has always complemented its streetwear pieces beautifully: artsy prints and faux vintage styles meant to work as layering items, and perfect for a new generation of innerwear-outerwear exhibitionists. (This is the label, after all, that turned bike shorts

It’s been called lingerie-as-outerwear and underwear-as-outerwear and even inner-outerwear.

But while fashion writers and editors fumble over what to call it, the outer-undies movement is this year’s most inescapable summer style trend. Lingerie is everywhere, and it’s out there for everyone to see.

Celebrities have been getting away with this forever, but then they’ve got stylists to help them. Average girls aren’t so lucky, …

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