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Where In The World Is Fleur?
Posted by richard | September 24, 2012

It’s awfully hard to keep track of Fleur of England these days.

The independent luxury label releases a steady stream of new lingerie styles — it’s averaging five new mini-collections each season now — and somehow never repeats itself.

The images above and at the …

So Much To Love in Fleur’s Latest
Posted by richard | February 1, 2012

The just-in-time-for-Valentines-Day Love collection from Fleur of England offers another example of what this label does best: re-imagines classic lingerie looks and colors in a way that makes them seem fresh, modern and exciting.

Almost every lingerie label on the planet is turning out pink …

Bridal lingerie is all about creating impressions — and memories — that last. You’ll probably never spend as much time deciding what undies to wear as you do when selecting your honeymoon kit.

And the best bridal lingerie is the ultimate embellishment on a day …

Fleur of England’s Pink Valentine
Posted by amy | January 12, 2011
Bralet and High Waisted Shortie | Tease by Fleur of England

The luxury label Fleur of England likes to build its lingerie collections around simple, but sumptuous, monochrome color palettes — remember their crimson Private collection from last fall or, my favorite, the delectable chocolate-hued Dessert line?

Now, just in time for Valentine’s Day, Fleur is …

Silk and lace kimono | Fleur of England

I’m a big fan of Fleur of England lingerie which,  as you can probably guess, hails from the UK.

We briefly introduced this label in the bridal trousseau post and True Blood feature (have you been watching season 3? Don’t think it’s the juiciest and …

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