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Another Mystery from Cherry Blossom Girl
Posted by richard | February 15, 2012

Everyone loves a mystery. And the biggest mystery in fashion lingerie these days is: why is Etam being so coy about rolling out its new designer collaboration with Cherry Blossom Girl?

Bits and pieces from the collection have been appearing sporadically on the French …

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The Lisbon sisters were born to be memorialized.

Nearly 20 years after their appearance in the Jeffrey Eugenides novel The Virgin Suicides, and a dozen years after the cult film of the same name, the five youthful heroines continue to have an almost hypnotic …

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Etam’s Dazzling Disco Inferno
Posted by LT Staff | January 24, 2012

Last year it was spring lambs on the fashion runway. This time, it was pythons and poodles and models in matching afros.

But those weren’t the most exotic creatures in last night’s spring runway show from French lingerie brand Etam, held at the …

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Being a lingerie model can be dangerous. Especially if you work for French label Etam, which keeps finding new ways to generate buzz by putting its models in harm’s way.

The label is in a heap of trouble after it sent three models wearing …

Etam Shines Spotlight on Sophie Hallette
Posted by amy | July 28, 2011

You may not be familiar with Sophie Hallette, but if you have a taste for couture lingerie then you probably have this label in your undies drawer without even knowing it.

Sophie Hallette is one of France’s largest and most esteemed lace-makers and supplier …

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