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A Yachting Wardrobe From Eres
Posted by richard | May 1, 2013

French lingerie and swim label Eres enlisted some A-list talent to help promote is new collection of beach fashions, called Sunwear.

Fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld styled and shot these campaign images for the new collection, featuring Bond girl Berenice Marlohe in neo-classical poses that accentuate Eres’ elegant, tailored silhouettes.

The Sunwear collection includes tunics, beach dresses and color-blocked swimsuits — basically, an entire wardrobe for your next yachting vacation. The standout piece is the colorful Fractal kimono dress (below), which retails for about €1600.

Here’s a look at the full campaign, and a shot of the Lagerfeld campaign decorating the windows of an Eres boutique in Paris.

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Tiah Eckhardt New Face of Eres Lingerie
Posted by amy | July 16, 2010
Eres_Fall 2010_Tiah Eckhardt

Eres has chosen titian-haired Australian beauty Tiah Eckhardt to front the upcoming campaign for their new Fall 2010 lingerie line.

As you can tell from the photos above and below, the Eres campaign leans heavily on earthy rust tones, which match Tiah’s tresses with almost eery precision.

Tiah is perhaps best known for her work with Agent Provocateur, and she’s been recently rumored to be in the running for a part in the next instalment of the X-Men movie franchise.

As for the new Eres line — well, we’ve been drooling over it all afternoon and will have something meaningful to say once we clean this place up!

Eres_Fall 2010_Tiah Eckhardt

Eres_Fall 2010_Tiah Eckhardt

Eres_Fall 2010_Tiah Eckhardt

Eres_Fall 2010_Tiah Eckhardt

Eres_Fall 2010_Tiah Eckhardt

Eres_Fall 2010_Tiah Eckhardt
Karl Lagerfeld Plays Dress-Up With An Eres Paper Doll
Posted by melanie | April 29, 2010
Emily Didonato for Eres lingerie

If one were to ask me to name a fashion designer icon, I would definitely have to say, hands down, Karl Lagerfeld – he is the God of fashion.

Now, imagine mythic designer, Lagerfeld, and place him behind the camera. The result? A visionary campaign shot for Eres’ lingerie and swimwear 2010 collection.

That’s right, French sister brand to Chanel, Eres has asked Lagerfeld to shoot a series of photographs with model-darling Emily Didonato, who by-the-way is the IT newcomer. Of course, with a campaign shot by Lagerfeld, one must expect an ingenious and imaginative creation, n’est-ce pas?

Surely, Karl Lagerfeld’s campaign for Eres will not dissappoint! In fact, it features the fresh, doe-eyed Didonato styled as a paper-doll and dressed in Chanel creations … but that’s not all. Users visiting the Eres website will be able to undress Didonato down to her Eres’ foundation garments with the click of a mouse! Yep, the cheeky campaign allows visitors to view the 2010 lingerie and swimwear designs, in a more, shall we say, interactive way.

The photo series will launch mid-May at eresparis.com. To stimulate your excitement even more, check out the images of coquettish Emily Didonato as a Chanel/Eres-clad, retro paper doll.

Streamlined Swimwear From Eres
Posted by melanie | April 19, 2010
'Feria&#039 white bikini from Eres

There are so many reasons I am infatuated with the 2010 swimwear collection from French brand Eres. For one,  you are probably aware of my model obsession, therefore it clearly comes as no surprise that I must feature Dutch beauty Lara Stone. Her gap-toothed grin and voluptuous body make her the anti-stick-thin/waif model, and really, show how imperfections can be beautiful.

And yeah, it’s obvious she looks AMAZING in the Eres ad campaign, but what also gets me excited is how the swimwear designs are so minimal.

While I do enjoy adding drama to my wardrobe, whether it be through sparkle, shine or texture, I have a very soft spot for minimalism. Think Angelina Jolie and Sofia Coppola; their paired-down outfits and accessories exude a timeless sophistication, without the need for current trends.  The swimwear collection from Eres is just that: minimal design with impeccable, flattering cuts that you will own for years to come and  which will never go out of style.

This season, Eres drew inspiration from southern Europe to Latin America to incorporate into their swimwear collection. The Feria line and Jet Lag line evoke  Spanish bull fighting costumes with details like fringe and tied belts. Next, the Gaucho line incorporates aspects of the equestrian lifestyle of the Argentinian gauchos; details borrowed from harnesses, saddles and rope plaiting and knotting. Finally, Eres drew inspiration from Buenos Aires, where the two lines Fric Frac and Vogue exude the elegance of the Argentinian capital, through graphic-style detailing such as satin bands and ‘scissor cut’ metallic clasps.

The overall color scheme of the collection is based upon the natural shades of earth and nude tones, accentuated by the bright and lively colors of precious stones.

The Eres swimwear collection really is a balance between style and technique – what Eres describes as ‘body architecture’.  The line’s use of luxurious materials, innovative, creative designs and impeccable cuts  ultimately create timeless swimwear that enhances the body.

Basically put, if you want to look the best you’ve ever looked in a swimsuit, you want to wear Eres. And if you don’t take my word for it, check out the promotional video of the making of the  ad campaign.

For more information and where to buy, visit eresparis.com.

'Vogue' red one-piece swimsuit from Eres
'Jet Lag' two-tone bandeau bikini from Eres
'Fric Frac' black bikini from Eres
'Vogue' red bikini from Eres

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