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Emporio Armani Goes Dutch
Posted by richard | August 1, 2012

Emporio Armani probably saved a bundle in shooting its fall underwear campaign, skipping celebrity pitchmodels like Rihanna and Megan Fox and giving the job to supermodel Marloes Horst.

But Marloes is rapidly accumulating celebrity wattage of her own, especially among followers of fashion lingerie. Still only 23, the Dutch beauty has been the face of French label Princesse Tam Tam for several seasons and also fronted campaigns for UK luxe label Myla and many others.

In this shoot for EA’s fall collection of lacy separates, photographer Giampaolo Sgura uses clever lighting to add a bronzed glow to Marloes’ lean, nordic look. She could be a California girl if you didn’t know otherwise.

But is the Italian brand done with Rihanna (who even authored a small EA signature collection last fall)? Don’t bet on it.

Her black-and-white 2011 campaign for Armani jeans and underwear was voted the sexiest of the year and, more importantly, lasered in on the smart urban 20-something market that both the singer and fashion brand appeal to. Stay tuned for more!

Girls and Cars: Rihanna’s Classic Spin for Armani
Posted by richard | September 27, 2011

I have a Rihanna story. Five years ago, I was living in Barbados (yeah, sucks to be me) when I spotted RiRi pushing a shopping cart around the local supermarket while chatting with a gal pal. At the time, her second album had just dropped and, at 17, she was still in the very early stages of what would become her high-octane career.

I grabbed my teenaged daughter and insisted we go say hello, much the horror of both my daughter and Robyn (as they still refer to Rihanna back on de island). The young star was a bit flustered and annoyed at being bothered — who knew middle-aged white gringo tourists weren’t her core demographic? — but she gave us an autograph when she learned we were from Canada.

A couple of impressions stood out during our brief chat. First, RiRi looked no different than any other pretty teenaged Bajan girl; you would have trouble picking her out at a club or a beach party. And second, she seemed genuinely surprised that someone recognized her (no one else in the store seemed to notice) in public.

My, my, my. How things have changed since then.

Rihanna’s new gig as the face and body of Emporio Armani underwear is another massive leap upward for someone whose star seems to be perpetually ascending.

Her first assignment — for the Fall 2011 underwear line — is classic Americana: a semi-clad blonde in the backseat of a vintage auto (the kind with seats big enough for some frolicking).

It’s not an original concept by a long shot, but it positions Armani and its new girl smack dab in the center of America’s cultural zeitgeist … and the male libido.

With her chameleon-like ability to change her appearance seemingly at will, RiRi is both a designer’s dream and a blank canvas for the world’s top photographers. It should also help her avoid being stalked at the supermarket.

Here are some more images from the fall Armani campaign.

Megan Fox New Campaign for Armani
Posted by richard | March 4, 2011

Actress Megan Fox is looking rail-thin in this spring campaign video for Emporio Armani Underwear and Armani Jeans.

At just under a minute in length, the made-for-TV vid doesn’t linger long on EA’s lingerie collection so you’ll just have to visit an Armani store to see more. Tragic!

The video is shot by Mert & Marcus and, yes, the tats are real. Learn more about them here.

Full-length video is below.

Megan Fox Returns For Armani Fall Line
Posted by amy | September 10, 2010
Megan Fox_Elle Magazine

Actress-temptress Megan Fox is getting ready to sell some underwear this fall, after resurfacing in a couple of well-timed appearances for Emporio Armani.

First, the Transformers beauty showed up yesterday an one of four cover girls for the new Elle magazine (above), which is marking its own 25th anniversary by profiling young celebrities who also turn 25 this year.

Then today, Megan appears in a teaser video released by Armani, called The Tip. It’s only 22 seconds long, and it shows the lingerie-clad star greeting a lucky hotel room-service waiter. No indication of what kind of “tip” the lad receives, but use your imagination!

There’s a similar mini-vid out featuring men’s underwear spokesboy Cristiano Ronaldo, who likewise gives a hotel maid something to blush about.

Watch for more from both Megan and CR as Emporio Armani rolls out its fall jeans line and underwear collections in the next week or so.

Coinciding with the release of  soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo’s sexy pics for Emporio Armani comes this teaser release of Megan Fox’s most recent image for the underwear label.

Foxy Megan’s newly released fall 2010 campaign photo could not come at a better time, really — what with VS angel Rosie Huntington replacing the provocative starlet in the Transformers franchise, to issuing apologies for her word vomit in magazine interviews (she swears the outrageous comments were only to create a facade and that she’s not really like that), to just recently being proposed to (for the second time) by on-again, off-again beau Brian Austin Green while vacationing in Hawaii … only to have the lost the ring on the beach!

I think we can all agree that it’s been a little rough for the controversial thesp as of late, but things do seem to be looking up!

Ring or no ring, it has been confirmed that Fox can add fiancée to her resumé and she does have a summer blockbuster coming out later this month called Jonah Hex. The period piece features Megan (below) playing a prostitute named Lilah, a role that required her to wear antique corsets which slimmed  her waist down to an unbelievable teensy-weeny, 18 inches!

The most recent photo shows Megan Fox with tousled hair and a relaxed expression, in what appears to be a more ‘raw’ portrait of the beauty than her previous spring/summer campaign images — albeit, no less enticing.

Sigh, looks like we’ll have to suffice with the steamy pic until more are released in September!

Megan Fox in Jonah Hex
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