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Cynthia Rowley for Pampers

Cynthia Rowley is quite the busy woman: not only did she collaborate with Roxy to design an uber-cool line of surf-inspired swimwear and apparel, but she also released a line of bridesmaid dresses, all while juggling the needs and demands of two children. And now …

Slim by Cynthia Rowley

A little while ago, we introduced you to the colorful collection of surfer-inspired swimwear designed for Roxy by Cynthia Rowley. Taking style cues from that successful collaboration, Rowley has designed a line of shapewear/lingerie entitled Slim to be released this summer.

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One designs ultra-feminine frocks and clothing, while the other specializes in apparel for the surf/snowboard lifestyle; yet together, Cynthia Rowley and Roxy have produced a stylish collection inspired by the sun, sand and surf.

While it may appear an odd partnership, Rowley is in fact …