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Negative Tackles a Nagging ‘Pain Point’
Posted by richard | October 14, 2015

Every fashion startup wants to find the sweet spot — that elusive intersection of design trends and consumer tastes that can put a young brand on the map.

Negative Underwear, the much-buzzed-about minimalist label out of New York, has done it a couple of …


For a certain kind of woman — the supremely self-confident kind — lingerie isn’t fashion, it’s performance.

It’s that woman whom Agent Provocateur is hoping to reach with the latest collection from its lavish, no-expense-spared couture label Soirée.

Soirée‘s new Autumn-Winter 2015 range …


What makes a classic lingerie ensemble?

For most brands, it’s that timeless piece that continues to sell season after season, without being bumped off the racks by fashion trends and fickle consumer tastes. Typically, those ‘classics’ are distinguished by durable construction, understated design and versatile …


Mariana Hernandez never forgets where she came from, or how fortunate she is to be where she is now.

So when the 27-year-old entrepreneur launched her new business earlier this year — the lingerie label White Rabbit — she knew she wanted to use it …

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