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Do you swoon over classic love stories? Are you a hopeless romantic who uncontrollably turns on the waterworks over such tragic lovers as Dante and Beatrice, Romeo and Juliet and Lancelot and Guinevere?

If so, Claire Pettibone has your number: she creates ethereal bridal wear …

Butterflies by Claire Pettibone: Joyful, Wearable Art
Posted by nadine | October 25, 2010
Claire Pettibone_Butterflies | Spring 2011

It may be fall, but it’s still Butterfly season anywhere Claire Pettibone‘s label is found.

The L.A.-based designer knows how to make a woman feel beautiful when it matters; her famous couture bridal gowns are drool-worthy, with exquisite detailing and figure-flattering silhouettes fluttering down …