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Ted Baker Christmas Sock Set
Posted by melanie | November 28, 2010

Today: Learn To Love Gift Socks

The Gift: Ted Baker Bow Socks Gift Pack
Price: $38
Perfect For: Nice girls
Shop: ASOS

Remember Mr. Bean’s uncontainable excitement when he gifted himself a pair of red socks, turned to his teddy and happily exclaimed, “Christmas socks!”?…

Rosary Necklace And Knicker Set
Posted by melanie | November 27, 2010

Today: Redemption In A Box?

The Gift: Rosary Necklace & Knicker Set
Price: $156
Perfect For: Naughty girls with a guilty conscience
Shop: Made by Niki

Has someone on your list been a little naughty this year? And all because of you? Then offer them …

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