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How’s this for a client list? Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera, Rihanna, LiLo, Pink, Katy Perry, Britney, Paris Hilton, SJP, Fergie, Courtney Love … and too many more to count.

For Marlies Dekkers, the fiercely original Dutch lingerie designer and tireless entrepreneur, celebrity name-dropping is hard to avoid.

Dekkers is today’s go-to label for A-list exhibitionists. Her elaborate riggings have probably been viewed by more people in the past few years than any other lingerie label on the planet — if only because of who is wearing Dekkers, and how, and where.

Think Britney’s Circus tour — those are Dekkers pieces she’s wearing. Think, two Rihanna album covers. Or how about two product placements in the label-cluttered Sex and the City 2. Or Ke$ha’s Grammy performance. Or countless magazine editorials like the Gemma Arterton and Katy Perry shots above.

Then there’s the Fame Monster herself — Lady G is so smitten with Dekkers’ intricate bras, bodysuits and briefs it’s hard to imagine one without the other.

In fact, it can be argued that Dekkers is one of those rare lingerie designers whose work has altered not just the fashion landscape, but popular culture as a whole. Lingerie-as-outerwear was still a radical fashion concept in North America a couple of years ago; Dekkers has been peddling the idea, mostly in Europe, for over a decade.

She’s not the only designer to push lingerie, uncovered, into the public arena, but she’s done it intentionally with clever marketing and by courting the new fashion icons who now flock to her. Want to know who’s wearing her now? Just check out her Facebook page, the largest part of which is devoted to celebrity shout-outs.

The new Marlies Dekkers fall collection — coming soon to a stage or screen near you — is as intricate and as well curated as a museum exhibition, which is somewhat fitting given its theme: Victorian Indian Summer.

Dekkers adds several new lines to her catalogue, each of which draws its inspiration from some aspect — mostly eccentric — of Victorian culture.

The Oriental Beauty grouping references the Victorian obsession with Arabian Nights and its emphasis on harems and Persian exotica — look for jewel-like detailing in Dekkers’ interpretation.

The most romantic line in the fall collection is called Salomania, a reference to the Victorian fixation on Salomé, the prototypical ‘bad girl’. Pieces in this grouping are highlighted with bright peacock-colored embroidery and patterns that evoke the swirling geometry of Persian carpets. Somewhere, Salomé is smiling at the thought that she inspired a lingerie line.

But the most curious is Dekkers’ Queer Pets line, inspired by the Victorian era’s fondness for exotic pets such as peacocks, parrots and monkeys. Look for the animals embroidered into a stylized MD monogram on these pieces.

Clearly, Dekkers has invested enormous energy in developing the historical theme and coordinating lingerie pieces to match it. But the signature elements of the label are still instantly recognizable — the elaborate strapping on bra tops, plus a return to familiar darker shades after a brightly colored summer collection. And, not surprisingly, there’s not a frill or bow in the bunch.

You can explore the new collection by visiting the Marlies Dekkers website or checking out a series of explanatory videos (and part history lessons) under her name on YouTube.

Dekkers operates branded stores across Western Europe and in North America can found at numerous high-end lingerie boutiques.




Sleek Charlize Theron Shoot For Elle France
Posted by amy | July 15, 2010
Charlize Theron | Elle France

Charlize Theron lands the cover of Elle France this month, but most of the ensuing buzz isn’t about her revealing lingerie shots inside the magazine.

Looking almost gaunt in some photos, the sleeker-than-usual Charlize has got many people wondering if she’s the magazine industry’s latest Photoshop victim.

It’s hard to tell, but the South African Oscar winner and former model has a reputation for packing on, and peeling off, the pounds whenever an assignment calls for it. This is the girl, after all, who went from Monster to Aeon Flux.

The Elle spread offers a revealing look at Charlize’s glamorous sex kitten side, as she lounges around a big, airy loft in various lingerie pieces, inluding a mesh bodysuit, nude leggings and other goodies.

Charlize Theron | Elle France

Charlize Theron | Elle France

Charlize Theron | Elle France

Charlize Theron | Elle France
Lindsay Lohan in Undrest Lingerie For GQ Germany
Posted by amy | July 15, 2010
Lindsay Lohan_GQ Germany_August 2010_4

Troubled actress Lindsay Lohan made headlines (sigh) again last month when she was spotted in Malibu doing a photoshoot dressed like an extra from 10,000 B.C. Well, we can finally see what all that fuss was about.

LiLo actually looks quite sporting in the shot above, wearing Undrest lingerie (one of our favorite labels), in the August 2010 issue of GQ Germany magazine.

Lindsay has the GQ cover, and is shot by Ellen von Unwerth in Mara swimwear as well as the Undrest ensemble. There’s also a provocative shot in which an apparently nude Lindsay cradles a guitar — with no evidence of an electronic ankle monitor in sight. Ah, the wonders of Photoshop!

The occasion for the the GQ cover story, based on an interview conducted at Cannes in May, is Lindsay’s starring role in the upcoming biopic of Linda (Deep Throat) Lovelace.

Lindsay Lohan_GQ Germany_August 2010_1

Lindsay Lohan_GQ Germany_August 2010_2

Lindsay Lohan_GQ Germany_August 2010_3

I know what you’re all probably thinking. That poor Lady Gaga:

  • must have lost her luggage at the airport;
  • wore the same outfit to the ballgame last week;
  • really should invest in some Spanx;
  • all of the above.

No matter, this is the kind of PDU (public display of underwear) that we’ll support every time!

In fact, wherever you live, I guarantee it wasn’t nearly as cool as Toronto over the weekend (despite our continuing heat wave). On Sunday, a sensibly and predictably underdressed Lady Gaga worked the crowd into a frothing frenzy at downtown’s Air Canada Centre.

And the night before, her male doppelganger Elton John — though much more conservatively attired in silk purple tails — did the same thing to many of the same people in next-door Hamilton.

But Gaga was all the rage on Sunday, and even shocked a few locals by wandering around the city, bumping into fans (see bottom photo), signing autographs and generally soaking up the celebrity. I mean, wouldn’t you?

Oh, and no, I missed LG but did get to see Sir Elton and his non-stop three-hour blitz of zillion-sellers. It occurred to me that this is the same kind of show Lady Gaga will be doing in about 20 years … more conservatively dressed, no doubt.

Lingerie To Die For – Or In!
Posted by melanie | June 28, 2010

There are countless reasons why I love True Blood: the seedy, redneck underbelly of fictitious Bon Temps, La.; the campy, often hilariously outrageous, story lines; the outlandish ‘fang-banging’ characters; and, of course, the cunning, sly and oh-so-sexy vampires.

And with so many sexy vampires, how could I have forgotten the steamy (and jarringly graphic) sex scenes? I think every other episode features at least one or two characters in their skivvies and not much else — no wonder the show just got picked up for a fourth season!

So, in honor of the recently premiered Season 3 of HBO’s True Blood, I’ve done some shopping for the cast to make sure they aren’t left scrambling for wardrobe in the weeks ahead. What follows are my personal lingerie and underwear recommendations for our TB vampires — and their mortal counterparts.


"Orchid" babydoll by Fleur of England
True Blood_Sookie

"Pure White Sugar" by Fleur of England

The sweet protagonist of the series, Sookie Stackhouse (or ‘Sookeh’, as Bill lovingly refers to her in his southern drawl), has seen her style greatly evolve since the first episode, and now portrays a more lady-like woman; a true Southern Belle.

But don’t let her sweet facade fool you — Sookie has a fiery personality that will fight for and protect those nearest and dearest to her.

To pair under her feminine, printed summer dresses, Sookie would adore the lace-adorned demi-cup bra with bow accents by Fleur of England, aptly titled Pure White Sugar (right), or the sweet Orchid silk babydoll (above left).


True Blood_Tara
"Sexy Tee" full coverage bra by Victoria's Secret

Sookie’s best friend, the ever-opinionated Tara Thorton, had seen her fair share of tribulations in Season 2 at the hands of the trance-inducing Maryann, but hopefully¬† Season 3 will see her move past her demons.

While Tara does occasionally sport feminine pieces, at heart she is a true T-shirt-and-jeans kind of girl. Suitable for this tomboy on-the-go, is Victoria’s Secret Sexy Tee Full Coverage bra in a punchy sweet orange (above).


True Blood_Bordelle_Pam
True Blood_Bordelle_Pam
True Blood_Bordelle_Pam

One of my favorite break-out characters of True Blood is Eric’s villainous aide Pam.

True Blood_Pam_1

A seductive vampire, she has the uncanny ability to both intimidate and make one feel uncomfortable — in one episode Sookie commented on her ‘lesbian weirdness’ (personally I love how Pam comes on to anyone who enters vamp-club Fangtasia, it’s part of her oddball charm).

But what makes Pam so intriguing are her wacky outfits; in one episode she channels Jackie O, clad in a matching pink jacket and skirt ensemble, while another features her in a dominatrix get-up.

Bordelle, a UK-based lingerie label, would be the perfect fit for the strong and dangerous woman/vampire. The bondage-inspired fall 2010 collection consists of harness-like, multi-strap and sheer paneling details, suitable for any femme fatale.


True Blood_Sophie-Anne

La Perla "Leggenda" robe

Another female character in the enticing series is the alluring Sophie-Anne, vampire queen of Louisiana.

Introduced in Season 2, the young queen resides in a grand establishment keeping various  minions to feed on and entertain her. In only the handful of episodes in which she has appeared, it is obvious that she is highly self-indulgent, not only in brazen attitude but also evident through her opulent and decadent wardrobe of furs, silks and jewels.

Selling ‘V’ (vampire blood) on the side, this corrupt queen will only be satisfied with the crème de la crème of lingerie. The luxurious Leggenda silk and lace dressing gown from La Perla’s Black Label (right) will look sublime as the sassy queen lounges on her throne, while the deco lace detailing on the Agent Provocateur Stephanee ensemble (above left) is equally fit for royalty.


Male Power underwear
Male Power underwear
Male Power underwear

Of course I had to include at least one male character (I know, I know, so many to choose from!). But there is only man with definitive style and flavor — that being Merlotte’s cook/V dealer , the always outspoken Lafayette.

True Blood-Lafayette

Yes, he’s sharp-tongued and crass but when have you seen crazier or more eclectic outfits?! His wardrobe consists of a mish-mash of the worst trends all jumbled into one which, aside from his personality, makes him the most colorful star of the show.

A lover of gaudy fashion, the conveniently named men’s exotic underwear label, Male Power, offers many fashion-forward pieces Lafayette simply could not resist!

From camouflage to animal print, tie-dye and liquid metallic lame, Male Power underwear will appeal to Lafayette’s many diverse tastes.

How many of you fang-loving fans are excited to see what’s in store for your fave characters and what little they wear in season three? If the first few episodes are any indication, I think we’re in for bloody good time!

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