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Cancer has a way of focusing the mind.

Montreal fashion photographer Anthony Turano learned that the hard way this spring while working on glossy photo book to raise money for breast cancer research.

It was a side project, something he’d been puttering away at between …

Blush’s Seductive Vampire Girl
Posted by Lingerie Talk | September 13, 2014

The fall photo campaign for Blush brings together two Canadian treasures — the elegant Montreal-based lingerie brand and the smoldering Vancouver model Noot Seear.

The leggy actress/model is probably best known as Volturi girl Heidi in the Twilight film franchise, but photographer Richard Bernardin

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Blush Covers All The Bases for Fall
Posted by richard | June 29, 2012

European lingerie brands have been eying the North American market hungrily for years, looking for post-recession expansion opportunities and hoping to capitalize on American women’s growing taste for old-world finery.

The Canadian label Blush probably can’t stop this invasion singlehandedly, but it won’t be for …

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How To Make Carson Kressley Blush!
Posted by richard | March 28, 2012

I know it sounds impossible, but if ANYthing can make Carson Kressley blush it might be spending a few hours surrounded by lingerie while women tell him their most embarrassing secrets.

How much fun does that sound?!

And the best part? Winners chosen by Carson …

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Blush’s Sophisticated New Spring Looks
Posted by richard | January 22, 2012

Like many lingerie brands, the Canadian label Blush typically delivers two seasonal collections: a fall set of classic looks in dark and neutral shades; and a brighter, more colorful spring line.

The enthusiastic response from both retailers and consumers to Blush’s last two fall campaigns …

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