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Into The Woods with BTS Lingerie
Posted by richard | December 29, 2014

If you’re dreading the thought of another long winter, the holiday season lookbook from NYC brand Between The Sheets offers some ideas for staying warm in style.

Called Into The Woods, the photo series combines the rustic appeal of a backwoods setting…

Arden Leigh’s Seductive New Pose
Posted by richard | August 3, 2012

If you make or sell lingerie, you’re in the seduction business. And who better to help you pitch your wares than a professional pickup artist?

Layla L’obatti of Between The Sheets Lingerie scored the casting coup of the year when she enticed New York writer …

Was Layla L’Obatti Mugged by Joe Zee?
Posted by richard | April 19, 2011

Reality TV shows are always best taken with a grain of salt. What viewers see, especially in pre-taped shows, is usually both scripted and edited to accentuate contrived “storylines” that will keep people tuned in.

Even so, it’s hard to account for what happened in …

Oh, New York, we understand you’re under a blanket of snow right now and everyone’s hibernating, but please don’t hate us for posting sunny pictures of a lingerie-clad model at Coney Island!

Blame (or thank!) Between The Sheets powerhouse duo Layla L’Obatti and Josh Verleun …

Playdate by BTS Lingerie

One of the things I absolutely love about the onset of winter is getting to laze about the house in comfy loungewear.

There is nothing better than spending a grey Sunday afternoon, or the upcoming holidays, relaxing in soft, sensual layers in front of a …