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Asceno: New Name, Same Chic Style
Posted by richard | July 15, 2014

You’ve dressed royalty, conquered the fashion press, and traveled the world — all before you turned 27. So what’s next?

If you’re the owners of Beautiful Bottoms, the silky lingerie and swimwear label from London, you start over with a risky name change that’s …

This Summer’s Sweetest Print
Posted by richard | April 29, 2014

Every summer seems to produce a few memorable prints that show up everywhere — on the street, the beach, at backyard parties, in the bedroom.

This year, you’ll be seeing a lot of Beautiful Bottoms, whose spring range includes several creative and colorful prints …

The lovely UK boutique label Beautiful Bottoms has built a loyal following over the past two years by concentrating on a limited, but instantly recognizable, handful of lingerie styles.

If you spot someone wearing pretty, gently ruched silk knickers and a matching print bralet with …

Beautiful Bottoms’ High-Flying Bird
Posted by richard | September 2, 2011

There’s a bit of a catch for anyone lucky enough to scoop up one of the Antique Bird pieces from the fall collection by Beautiful Bottoms: eventually, someone’s going to ask you what, exactly, that creature is.

A swallow? A swift? A magpie? …

Beautiful Bottoms_SS2011

A lot of lingerie designers are referencing the 1970s in their spring collections this year, but perhaps no one has done it as cleverly and as artfully as that darling UK label, Beautiful Bottoms.

Beautiful Bottoms has created eight (!) silky style ranges for …

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