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Two Sides of Andres Sarda
Posted by richard | February 19, 2013

The best fashion lingerie is all about presentation, intrigue and a little deception. And no one knows this better than Nuria Sard&#225, the second-generation creative head of the esteemed Spanish brand Andrés Sard&#225, whose runway productions are masterpieces of showmanship.

The Barcelona luxury label returned to the Madrid Fashion Week yesterday, and was given the prestigious opening slot on the catwalk to mark the occasion.

The show, called Duality: Dreams of Silk and Lace, offered competing visions of femininity — dark, urban and very fashion-forward styles, alongside colorful, playful and more traditional silhouettes in fall-friendly jewel tones.

Andrés Sard&#225 was a pioneer in the development of stretch fabrics that are now commonplace in fashion lingerie, and Duality also showed the label’s continuing commitment to innovation.

The AW2013 collection presented in Madrid included a broad range of looks in layered tulle, ruffled Chantilly lace, chiffon, silk and other barely-there combinations. And for trendhunters, Sard&#225 offers several unique variations on this year’s must-have style — the head-to-toe sheer catsuit, which Sard&#225 presents in fishnet, leopard print and a dazzling paisley-like lace pattern.

Sard&#225’s runway shows are also a bit deceptive. They’re so elaborately styled and brimming with accessories it’s hard to tell what you’ll eventually find on the shop shelves.

Last year, Sard&#225 augmented its lingerie looks with boleros, top hats and tails. This year, the catwalk models were dripping in elaborately dyed animal furs, feather boas, futuristic headpieces, and leather battle gear. Chances are that If you spot an accessory piece you love, it’s not part of the collection itself.

The Sard&#225 brand is one of the few lingerie/swim names that has the global appeal to rival Italian powerhouse La Perla. And interestingly, Nuria Sard&#225 told Spanish media that the Duality collection was inspired by the Roaring 20s — a style direction that La Perla explored with its vintage-esque ‘Roaring Collection‘ a year ago.

So who captures the Jazz Age best? You decide.

Sarda’s Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
Posted by amy | June 13, 2011

The Spanish celebrity Rossy de Palma isn’t well known over here, but in Europe she’s an iconic figure, an actress with a punk attitude and a dramatic appearance that has made her a fixture on the fashion scene.

She famously starred in Pedro Almodovar‘s riotous early films, but she’s also modeled for Gaultier, Leboutin and Mugler, has her own perfume brand in France, and recently launched a singing career.

Still, when Spanish lingerie and swimwear brand Andrés Sard&#225 announced earlier this year that it was undertaking a collaboration with the striking Rossy, who knew where that might lead?

The stunning embossed lycra and mesh bodysuit shown above is just part of the answer. It’s part of a capsule collection of sheer minimalist pieces designed by Rossy that Sarda will release with its AW2011 collection.

What makes the story even better is Rossy’s inspiration for this masterpiece — the dragon pattern is a replica of the Rossy’s own (and equally famous) bicep tattoo of a Chinese dragon.

Sarda’s recent collections have been shimmery, colorful and filled with dramatic flourishes, so the Rossy collection will stand apart nicely. It will also almost certainly be very hard to find come fall, so get your name on the waiting list now!

And will there be more lingerie designs from Rossy de Palma in the future? No one’s saying, but label head Nuria Sarda (shown below) was beaming at last week’s unveiling of what will be one of the season’s most talked-about collections.

For now, Rossy has one more laurel to add to her unique and diverse resume.

Andrés Sarda’s Sizzling Summer
Posted by connie | April 7, 2011

Spanish lingerie and swimwear label Andrés Sarda is sometimes criticized for creating collections that are a bit on the simple side and featuring few looks. In my opinion, quality always counts over quantity, and sometimes pared-down can be the most glamorous look of all.

For Spring/Summer 2011, Sarda has stayed true to form for his eponymous Andrés Sarda Lingerie collection, showing a handful of looks that are deceptively restrained and absolutely sexy.

The S/S 2011 Andrés Sarda Lingerie campaign stars blonde Slovakian model Michaela Kocianova, positively smoldering on the beach in Barcelona. Kocianova’s slicked-back hair, pale skin and red lips call to mind the femme fatales from Helmut Newton photographs and are a perfect accompaniment to Sarda’s mostly black-and-white pieces. (The B&W is quite different than what we’re seeing from Sarda for Fall 2011, a collection that includes all manner of rainbow bright colors).

And despite the femininity and simplicity of Sarda’s designs there is also a lot of strength and power in the looks. For my money, the lace bras are absolutely covet-worthy as is the shocking coral set, a color absolutely ideal for the spring and summer.

The designer’s secondary line Sarda Lingerie features a few more colors, namely lilac and a hint of red. The showstopper here is the lace-lined bra and underwear set in Sarda’s fabric of the season called “Brushstroke.” A little bit graffiti and a little bit animal print this black-and-white painterly pattern (right photo) is Sarda’s must-have for spring.

Andrés Sarda Beachwear, meanwhile, is probably the brightest of three collections, featuring an array of prints in different colors. What I couldn’t take my eyes off of were the one and two-piece bathing suits featuring patches of sequins. Definitely not swimwear to actually swim in, but absolutely gorgeous all the same.

Widely available in Europe, Andrés Sarda can be purchased in brick and mortar boutiques in the United States like Intimacy (Copley Plaza) in Boston, Intimacy in Dallas and L.A., Oh Baby in Portland and at the Wynn Las Vegas. Sarda’s pieces are also available online at sites like Mio Destino and Nancy Meyer.

Here are some more images from the Andrés Sarda Spring/Summer 2011 collection to enjoy, items perfect for steaming up the beaches — and bedrooms — this season:

Theatrical Fall Lines From Andres Sarda
Posted by melanie | August 26, 2010
Andres Sarda Fall/Winter 2010-11 Collection

Andres Sarda Fall/Winter 2010-11 Collection

Guess who’s back?! Spanish designer Andres Sarda has released his latest lingerie collection, and that of his diffusion line, Sarda by Andres Sarda, and both have left me seriously lusting after fall’s arrival.

As beautiful as his last spring/summer offerings, Sarda’s autumn collection consists of richly hued, decadent styles that feature alluring designs and luxurious fabrics.

Flipping through the fall lookbook, it’s evident that Sarda’s designs suit the various sides of a woman’s personality. A flirty, fringed bodysuit to appeal to the extroverted diva (which totally channels Studio 54, non?); a lacy black number for the alluring temptress and a plum bra with sheer polka dot chiffon overlay for the endearing romantic. Of course, the common theme being his impeccable craftsmanship and flattering silhouettes.

In contrast, the Sarda by Andres Sarda fall range features a more eclectic grouping of flirty and fun undergarments. From bold polka dots to abstract geometrics and tassels, to ruffle trim floral and bondage-esque details, the more expressive styles appeal to a more youthful wearer.

So while I may not be looking forward to fall’s increasing chill per se, I am so eager to get my paws on Sarda’s jewel-tone lingerie.

The gorgeous images below will probably leave you wanting more, which is why you can visit andressarda.com to view promotional video campaigns and gain a front-row look at the theatrical fashion show.

Note: The top three images below are from the Sarda by AS line; all the rest on this page are from the main 2010-2011 Andres Sarda collection.

Andres Sarda: Channel Your Inner Penelope Cruz
Posted by melanie | March 29, 2010
Sheer white lace thong with matching bra and garter belt by Andres Sarda.

I just recently discovered the Andres Sarda lingerie line and I am smitten!

If, like me, you fell in love with Vicky Cristina Barcelona, then you must also have loved Penelope Cruz’s eccentric, bohemian-artist character. There was something so appealing about her character’s wardrobe: negligees, lacy bras peeking-out from button-down shirts, and her mussed-up bedhair. Okay, so her character was slightly neurotic, but she was so effortlessly sexy, that what woman did not want to emulate her?!

Okay, so what does Andres Sarda and Penelope Cruz’s character have in common? Well, after perusing his Spring/Summer 2010 catalogue, the pieces in his collection are totally channeling Cruz’s character. Every piece, down to the styling of the model, embodies that effortless, sexy vibe of the smoldering, romantic artist. Moreover, Andres Sarda hails from Barcelona, thus he gets the whole sexy, Spanish, I-was-just-born-looking-this-good attitude.

Sarda’s lingerie is delicate, flattering and tempting; he uses the softest materials and the most fascinating colors. His implementation of the latest innovations and technologies are used to achieve suggestive and avant garde collections. Sarda strives to make every woman feel confident and attractive through wearing his lingerie and swimwear.

All of Sarda’s latest offerings are subtle, yet romantic and effortlessly sexy. Check out some of the preview photos of his Spring/Summer 2010 collection, available in the upcoming weeks.

Grey bra with bow detail on strap, by Andres Sarda.
White balconet bra with scalloped edge, by Andres Sarda
Sheer black bra with print and matching thong, by Andres Sarda
Sheer coral bra and sheer white high waisted brief, by Andres Sarda