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Agent Provocateur Fights Back
Posted by richard | April 20, 2012

Agent Provocateur has become such a fixture in the high-fashion mainstream that it’s easy to forget the lingerie superbrand was literally a child of the 1970s British punk-rock movement, the fashion sensibility that grew out of it and the social anarchy that enveloped it.

Founded …

If you’ve ever done any modeling, here’s a scenario that probably sounds familiar: you’re at a fashion shoot in a remote location, nervously trying to hold your pose, when the fotog suddenly swoops in to make some adjustments to your hair and outfit. Next thing …

AP’s Super Sexy Bridesmaids
Posted by richard | February 29, 2012

Quick quiz. The sweet images above and below show:

  • Previews from the R-rated DVD release of Bridesmaids: Director’s Cut;
  • Another saucy attempt to cash in on Kate-Pippa fever;
  • Sasha Baron Cohen‘s bodyguards at an Oscars after-party.

No, they’re really just the ad campaign …

‘The Initiate’: It’s OK In A Three-Way
Posted by richard | February 9, 2012

You didn’t really think Agent Provocateur was getting … ahem … soft, did you?

The naughty UK lingerie brand is nothing if not the cheekiest label in the business, and the new film promoting their Spring 2012 collection adds to that reputation.

Called ‘…

How did the creative team at Agent Provocateur find inspiration for its new Spring-Summer lingerie collection? By watching lots and lots of porn.

Not the depressingly unoriginal raunch that spews from today’s X-rated film factories, but the soft-focus, semi-explicit narrative fantasies that challenged tastes and …

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