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AP’s Polarizing ‘Pussy’ Video
Posted by richard | January 30, 2013

The latest video from Agent Provocateur is bound to have a polarizing effect on viewers.

Some will consider the one-joke film, called Valentine’s Night, juvenile and unfunny. But anyone with a taste for crude schoolboy humor — ie., the male half of the population …

Agent Provocateur Hits The Road
Posted by richard | January 21, 2013

If you lost your virginity on prom night or in the back seat of your high school boyfriend’s car, brace yourself for a shock: you’re part of a dying breed.

Recent studies have found that the incidence of early sexual activity among teens is declining, …

How To Spice Up Your ‘Secret Santa’
Posted by richard | November 19, 2012

Did everyone catch this year’s best — and sneakiest — cinematic product placement?

It happens early in Skyfall, when James Bond is undergoing psychological testing to determine if he’s fit for 007 duties. The shrink makes him play a game of word association, and …

Agent Provocateur’s Victorian Secrets
Posted by richard | August 7, 2012

Spiritualism was all the rage in Victorian England, as gullible believers sought to communicate with deceased loved ones and get a privileged glimpse into the afterlife.

However, seances and other mystical practices were seldom used to help women discover their inner sexpot — which is …

Alert The Sugar Daddies
Posted by richard | June 7, 2012

If you’re looking for the biggest growth segment in fashion lingerie today, you have to look up, wa-a-a-y up, into the retail stratosphere where the sugar daddies shop.

Ultra-glamorous, ultra-premium lingerie is hot again, as recession-weary big spenders get reacquainted with the idea of …

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