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L’Agent’s Retro Rec Room Fantasy
Posted by richard | August 3, 2015

The photo above brings back fond memories of an outfit I wore to a junior high school dance back in the mid-70s. No, I didn’t go in blue lingerie, heels and cowboy hat. But that throw cushion — it’s a perfect match for the burnt

AP’s Sizzling Gold Playsuit For Cleopatra
Posted by Lingerie Talk | February 3, 2015

The Varvara chainmail playsuit from Agent Provocateur is all gold chains and hammered gold medallions and comes with a warning that it could get uncomfortably hot in sunlight or under strong lights.

Needless to say, this is not your typical lingerie garment.…

Agent Provocateur’s Killer Queen
Posted by richard | December 16, 2014

Looking trim, toned and powerful, 44-year-old Naomi Campbell makes an eye-popping return to lingerie modeling as the new face of Agent Provocateur‘s spring 2015 collection.

It’s also a statement-making return to form for the erotic UK lingerie brand,…

A Can’t-Miss Formula from L’Agent
Posted by richard | August 19, 2014

The worldwide lingerie market has been mostly flat (pardon the pun) for several years, but among all the brand makeovers and corporate shuffling in the past year, one remarkable tidbit of news leapt out: Agent Provocateur, the UK-based erotic fashion brand, saw its sales …

Agent Provocateur’s Parisian ‘Salon’
Posted by richard | August 4, 2014

Is Agent Provocateur dressing itself up for sale?

You’re probably familiar with that real estate term, which refers to the practice of painting, decorating and generally sprucing up your property to make it more appealing to prospective buyers.

Whether intentional or not, Agent Provocateur‘s …

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