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There is some powerful lineage on display in the new underwear campaign from Calvin Klein, which is a kind of intergenerational tribute to strong women and, in many cases, their enviable artistic DNA.

The new video series to promote CK’s women’s range includes a whopping 16 small film vignettes, many of them featuring celebrity offspring who are making their own creative waves.

The casting is broadly diverse, with participants ranging from an iconic supermodel to an up-and-coming It girl, with various ethnic backgrounds and ages from 18 to 73. But as you scroll from one video to the next, the demographic lines tend to blur and what emerges is a cohesive but understated celebration of womanhood.


Leading the pack of A-list progeny is director Sofia Coppola, herself the child of real genius, and someone with a proven gift — in Lost In Translation, The Virgin Suicides and Marie Antoinette, among others — for illuminating women’s inner lives.

Sofia reportedly picked her own models, and casting is everything in this addictive series. Sofia keeps the messaging (and sales pitches) to a minimum and simply lets her cast chat amiably about first kisses, crushes and other meaningful moments in a woman’s life.

And she clearly has an affinity for other second-generation creative kids like herself.

Aspiring model Maya Thurman-Hawke (above), the 18-year-old daughter of Uma and Ethan, gets three vignettes, as does Angie Tribeca and Parks and Recreation star Rashida Jones, daughter of legendary music producer Quincy Jones.

From the fashion world, Sofia introduces actor/director Chase Sui Wonders (top photo, a niece of designer Anna Sui, and Nathalie Love, the actress and founder of the We The Women collective and daughter of Vogue’s west coast director Lisa Love.

A radiant Kirsten Dunst also shows up and two video are reserved for breakout star Laura Harrier, who will debut this summer as the love interest in the latest Spiderman reboot.

Most of the media attention, though, will go deservedly to modeling legend Lauren Hutton (below), still blazing trails at age 73 and coming off like the godmother of the cast.


For Calvin Klein, under new creative director Raf Simons, this campaign marks a clear departure from recent superstar stunt casting (Justin Bieber, Kendall Jenner) and dovetails very well with its new men’s underwear campaign that features the stars of Moonlight.

Not content with commanding the American retail fashion universe, Calvin Klein now has its sights set on a new target: cultural relevance.

The videos run from about 10 seconds to over a minute, and feature an earworm techno soundtrack that — as of this writing — is driving social media commenters bonkers trying to identify it. If you know the song or the artist, please post a comment on YouTube to put these people out of their misery.

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