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Not Your Average Easter Bunny
Posted by Lingerie Talk | April 16, 2017

You see a lot of bunny-themed promotions in the lingerie industry at this time of year — whether it’s because of the indisputable cuteness of the little critters or their association with fertility and friskiness, you be the judge.

But this new photo campaign from iconoclastic New York label The End is something altogether different.

It isn’t an attempt to reframe the whole Easter bunny thing — as we first thought. It’s an homage, of sorts, to the troubling cult film Donnie Darko and its hallucinatory character Frank, a giant rabbit who foretells the end of the world.

It’s also a way for the indie lingerie label to give its edgy undies a showcase that you’re not likely to forget any time soon.

Launched last year by Parsons grad Bei Kuo, The End gained immediate attention with its kinky debut collection ‘Hurt Me Harder’, which featured soft bralettes and briefs accented with barbell hardware that was inspired in part by Kendall Jenner’s nipple piercing.

The eco-conscious label fabricates all of its pieces from GOTS-certified organic cotton. Its unique bralettes and crop tops range from $73-80 and its four brief styles start at $44.


“We believe that being organic can be naughty and kinky too,” Bei told Lingerie Talk. “With that said, you shouldn’t be surprised how our Easter shoot turned out to be not so cutesy.

“The concept started with the bunny mask. I’ve aways found it pretty creepy because of the horror movie Donnie Darko, so I decided to go for it,” she added.

The campaign was shot on a Brooklyn rooftop by Bei’s boyfriend, music producer Void Sloth, and modeled by the designer herself.

“Just another afternoon on the rooftop in Brooklyn with eggs, carrots and a bunny mask,” Bei said.

Alhough it likely wasn’t her intention, the campaign also coincides nicely with the 15th anniversary release of a high-res version of Donnie Darko in theatres, where it will once again confuse, amuse and terrify moviegoers and have conspiracy theorists looking for portents of life under Trump.

And there’s one more connection between the lingerie brand and the movie: both have found an audience miles from the mainstream, and wear the “cult” label with pride.

Here are some more shots from The End’s dramatic ‘Easter Bunny’ shoot. Don’t show it to the kids this morning.

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