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If you’re going to spend a lot of money on your underwear — and these knitted wonders from Maude Nibelungen start at $150 — you might as well get something that makes you look and feel like nobody else.

And the Montreal designer’s new boudoir range, called Delta of Venus, will do exactly that. Each open-weave item in the collection is hand-knit, utterly unique and so far outside the mainstream of contemporary lingerie design you’ll have to use your imagination to figure how and when to wear it. But keep this in mind: the delicate, airy styles are undeniably erotic, both to the touch and the gaze.

Nibelungen is primarily a designer of streetwear pieces like jumpers and vests that are highly coveted for their goth-grunge appeal — and the distinctive DNA of each garment. A couple of years ago, though, she debuted a boudoir collection that opened up a world of possibilities for hand-knit lingerie as a fashion layering option or an alt bedroom costume for all those women tired of straps and buckles.

Nibelungen once wrote that she chose knitting because she loved the idea of “matter and anti-matter dancing on the skin” — how many designers have such a poetic, even metaphysical, appreciation of their own craft?

Each piece in the new Delta of Venus range is an expression of that ethos, an artistic statement woven from mohair, silk, wool, bamboo and other blends in unique combinations.


The basic set, available in black or pink, is the Alice range of crop tops and high-waist knickers. But to create a memorable ensemble, you’ll want to investigate some of the more unexpected layering styles — a fringed babydoll, a chemise and a seamless romper-like “step-in” that is inspired by a 1920s style. And for dramatic effect, the Delta line includes a wispy hooded capelet and fingerless gloves.

As the title implies, this collection is inspired by the Anais Nin story collection of the same name that enflamed the erotic imagination of millions of women. Nibelungen’s treatment, and the photo campaign that goes along with it, is meant to depict a bond between two women.

“These women could be sisters, friends or lovers, and though this bond is not specified, what rings beyond all other trappings is that they care for each other,” she writes on her website. “They understand each other. Relishing in their happiness and pleasure, these two women are not interested in pleasing anyone.”

Except, obviously, themselves.

The photoshoot below was lensed by Audrey Belval and features models Lydia Wener and Alexandra Barzegar. And if you look closely you’ll spot some additional lingerie from another Canadian indie talent, Kayleigh Peddie.

You can buy Nibelungen’s pieces through her webshop, and each piece is made to order (so allow some time for delivery). And, assuming you’re not going do something silly like toss them in the washing machine, Nibelungen says her pieces “should last you a lifetime, and then some.”

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