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A Dreamy Selection (and a Major Debut) from Barneys
Posted by Lingerie Talk | February 7, 2017

These grey mid-winter days are meant for staying indoors, preferably curled up on the couch in something comfy and colorful to chase the gloom away.

If that sounds like your idea of an ideal down day, then Barneys has a few very stylish suggestions. The chic NYC retailer has just released a spring lingerie lookbook of romantic pieces intended for indulgent solitary times or perhaps as a prelude to something more intimate.

It’s called Dream Sequence and it’s a curated assortment of both European and American lounging and lingerie options, predictably at the high end of your fashion budget. From a slinky velvet bodysuit by fellow New Yorker (and Barneys fave) Fleur du Mal to a jaw-dropping kimono from Belgian icon Carine Gilson (top photo), there’s a lot to covet here.


But sharp-eyed fashion lovers will immediately spot something new in this campaign — the very quiet industry debut of Raven and Sparrow, a new line of upscale sleepwear designs from former supermodel Stephanie Seymour (above).

The Dream Sequence lookbook, shot by Stas Komarovsk, includes R&S’s stretch-silk romper and silk georgette robe, but if you dig through the Barneys website you’ll find the rest of this very appealing range of PJs, sleep shorts and nightgowns.

The 18-piece Raven and Sparrow debut is available exclusively through Barneys and is a collaboration between Seymour and designer Casey Paul. It will get its official launch on Thursday in what’s being called a “slumber soiree” at Barneys.

For Seymour, an early supermodel during the late 1980s and 1990s, Raven and Sparrow marks another chapter in a career full of firsts — and headlines. Now in her late 40s, Seymour was an early Victoria’s Secret and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model who appeared on more than 300 magazine covers (including Playboy). Her public profile skyrocketed during a stormy relationship with G’NR frontman Axl Rose.

Raven and Sparrow’s brand name is borrowed from songs by Dolly Parton, a childhood hero of both designers, and individual pieces in the vintage-inspired collection are named after important women in their lives.

Seymour’s objective in launching R&S — which is hand-made in a New York atelier — is to turn the routine of bedtime dressing into something of an elevating ritual.

“At its best, haute lingerie is high art – transformative, transcendent, approaching the divine. But too often the age-old rite of dressing for bed is relegated to its external effects, to the secondary purpose of pleasing others when the fabric falls away,” she writes on the company website.

“I prefer to focus on the magic of lingerie itself – the sense of indulgence that comes when a woman puts silk to her skin, the serene empowerment when she drapes herself in a perfectly cut nightgown.

“Yes, we were born naked. But what a gift it is to adorn oneself with exquisitely crafted garments, to savor the sublime as we dress for our dreams. Raven & Sparrow is my vision for resurrecting this ritual art, and to inspire all women to transport themselves through the heavenly act of dressing for bed.”

Prices range from $125 to $995 but, if you embrace Seymour’s mission here, you’ll agree you’re worth it.

Here’s the full Dream Sequence campaign, with brand names to help you shop — or dream.

Raven and Sparrow
Stella McCartney
La Perla
Fleur Du Mal
Gilda & Pearl
Yasmine Eslami
Land of Women

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