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The Wildest Looks from FAT’s ‘Un Dress’
Posted by Lingerie Talk | April 14, 2016

Raymond Chow, Canada Wears

Now this is what a lingerie fashion show should look like.

Insanely creative, wildly unpredictable and veering from elegant classicism one minute to playful futurism the next, the opening night of Fashion Art Toronto‘s alt-fashion week was nothing if not theatrical.

Nine designer labels strutted and danced along the FAT 2016 runway on Tuesday night, leaving the crowd awed, amused and at times shocked. The theme for the opening night of FAT 2016 was ‘Un Dress’, and the participating designers served up visions of identity and culture using undergarments and lingerie-inspired womenswear to make their points.

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Highlights were numerous. From the opening bow of an old-world burlesque fan dance from Dianna DiNoble‘s Starkers Corsetry to the circus-like anarchy of Allie Wood‘s Amplify Apparel to the comical J-Pop fangirls in Wallace Playford‘s salute to Japanisme, this was an evening packed with delights. (The hilarious main photo above was from the Wallace Playford set, and was the night’s most memorable surprise.)

Sophisticated womenswear label Elizabeth Elwood delivered a very stately (and wearable) take on lingerie-inspired evening dress, Henry Navarro introduced a line of pieces inspired by (and resembling) the flora of Hawaii, and newcomer Pinkiebel played with cartoonish cutouts in a debut collection inspired by the TV series Steven Universe.

And if that isn’t enough diversity for one evening, indie label With Love Lingerie offered a beautiful new collection that references religious iconography in a way that was both tasteful and glamorous (they also had the show’s best hair), while latex specialist House of Etiquette unveiled stunning new couture outfits inspired by Vampirella and other icons of fierce feminist fashion.

FAT 2016 continues through Saturday in Toronto. Here’s a sample of images from the ‘Un Dress’ lineup. Click on the pictures to enlarge, and follow the links at the bottom of the article to learn more about each of these brands.

WALLACE PLAYFORD / Designers Katherine Laird, Jennifer Murtagh


STARKERS CORSETRY / Designer Dianna DiNoble

AMPLIFY APPAREL / Designer Allison Wood

WITH LOVE LINGERIE / Designer Carrie Russell


PINKIEBEL / Designer Annabel Gerke

HOUSE OF ETIQUETTE / Designers Mina Smart, Ashley Davies

All photos by Raymond Chow,

Amplify Apparel
House of Etiquette
With Love Lingerie
Wallace Playford
Elizabeth Elwood
Henry Navarro
Starkers Corsetry

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