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Watch Chromat Light Up Fashion Week
Posted by Lingerie Talk | February 12, 2016

Few brands inspire as much edge-of-your-seat curiosity during Fashion Week as Chromat, the Brooklyn techno-art lingerie and swimwear company that always leaves its fans guessing until the lights come up on its semi-annual runway shows.

But if you’re a Chromat devotee who didn’t score a coveted pass to tonight’s show at Milk Studios for MADE Fashion Week, don’t despair. For the second consecutive season, Chromat is live streaming the event — which starts at 5 p.m. sharp — on its website at

Chromat‘s last show in October was streamed for VR players and offered a 360-degree viewing experience that allowed home viewers to manipulate camera angles. The resulting experience was cutting-edge cool but dim lighting made for a less-than-optimal presentation.

Lighting shouldn’t be a problem for tonight’s show, though, which features the brand’s Fall 2016 collection called Lumina and which, according to Chromat founder Becca McCharen, is inspired by the fluorescent light installations of conceptual artists Dan Flavin and Robert Irwin “combined with the biological functions of electroluminescence.”

That isn’t as far out as it sounds, at least not in Chromat‘s expanding universe. Now 6 years old, Chromat in recent years has plunged into the world of wearable tech and near-future possibilities with a nerd’s zeal and a child’s appetite for fun.


The current SS 2106 collection, called Momentum, uses both 3D printed structures and “sensory systems” developed in collaboration with Intel to create responsive garments that adapt to the wearer’s biofeedback. Previous collections have incorporated LED lights, lasers and fitness tracking technology and have been inspired by artificial intelligence, competitive mathematics and bionic athletes.

And while its intellectual dabbling can sometimes be a bit too esoteric for customers who just love the look of those cage-like pieces of neo-feminist armor, Chromat has also emerged as a leader in body-positive, racially inclusive and queer-friendly fashion and a fixture of New York’s style-sensitive techno club crowd. Chromat was among the first American brands to use plus-size, mixed race and gender-fluid models in its runways shows, and gay bible The Advocate recently called the brand “the best thing about fashion now.”

Tonight’s runway show will be followed by an after-party at The Standard High Line hotel’s Le Bain. To set the stage for what promises to be an epic occasion, Chromat this week released a new photoshoot and interview with the DJ collective Factory Girls (above), who will be one of the acts behind the decks at tonight’s event.

Chromat‘s MADE fashion show kicks off at 5 p.m. To get you in the mood, below we have a portfolio of images from its SS16 show, Momentum.

Photos © Gustavo Villar

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