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A Lingerie Calendar for a Lunar Year
Posted by Lingerie Talk | February 8, 2016

This might seem like an odd time to be profiling a new calendar, until you realize that Feb. 8 marks the beginning of a new lunar year. And yes, there’s a lingerie calendar to help celebrate the occasion.

Under The Root, the quirky eco-label from Seattle, has created a 2016 lunar calendar for its followers that can be downloaded in PDF form for free by following this link.

Shot by artist/photographer Jaret Ferratusco (who also shot the brand’s most recent lookbook), the calendar features amateur models wearing UTR‘s distinctive organic and recycled garments in suitably natural or weathered settings.

For purists, this is not a true “lunar” calendar because it follows the Gregorian calendar’s chronology of months — beginning on Jan. 1, not Feb. 8. Like other lunisolar calendars, though, it does depict all the phases of the moon over its 12-month span.

And Under The Root is probably the only American lingerie label that could do this sort of thing without looking silly — or caring if they did.

‘Pleiades’ bikini brief and ‘Clover’ aysmmetrical one-shoulder top.

UTR is an authentic slow-fashion brand that produces small batches of handcrafted undies and esoteric accessories, usually in earthy, hand-dyed tones. But it’s equally well known for its trippy tribal values — UTR celebrates both naturalistic folklore and the rich creative consciousness that America’s left coast is known for, and sends out a wonderful newsletter called the Ellefolk Gazette.

If you haven’t encountered Jennifer Brown‘s truly unique brand before, this would be a good way to start your next lunar year. Everything that UTR sells is fashioned from upcycled, recycled or sustainable materials like organic cotton, fair trade hemp or vintage leftovers.


The current collection includes UTR’s popular bloomers, rompers and soft bralettes plus a great assortment of accessories like scarves, fingerless mitts, knee-highs and even a necktie.

The brand’s most passionate disciples, though, will want to save their pennies for the one-of-a-kind Linnet Lore “lingerie doll” ($65, above), which is described as a “harmonizing pixie (and) alchemical companion.” Luckily, it comes with a storyboard that fills in the story.

Below are images found in Under The Root‘s lunar calendar and ‘Direction of the Road’ lookbook.


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    I love this article.

  2. Under The Root says:

    Thank you for the care and direct spotlight on all these beautiful warriors of freedom for our planet.

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