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Sensory Overload from Love & Lemons
Posted by Lingerie Talk | February 1, 2016

Graphic cutouts, lavish embroidery, exotic textures and enough criss-crossing straps to keep four hands busy … the latest offering in the Skivvies line by For Love and Lemons is lingerie in name only.

The still-fresh California brand continues to expand its repertoire in the spring Skivvies collection with an extremely showy tapestry of highly tactile pieces meant for layering with street, swim and club wear. Absolutely no one will keep these visually arresting concoctions under their daily wardrobe, hidden from view.

This is lingerie meant to draw applause. And for young fashionistas who dream of one day having the disposable income (or generous partner) to indulge in high-fashion brands like Agent Provocateur, Skivvies makes a good (and affordable) starting point.


Skivvies has grown so quickly (it’s found everywhere from ASOS to Nordstrom to Free People) that it’s hard to believe the brand is just a little over two years old. Many of its signature styles have been pirated ruthlessly by copycat labels (this must drive them utterly bonkers), yet For Love and Lemons has managed to stay ahead of the pack and establish its own design aesthetic by refreshing its extravagant undies catalogue each season.

If you browse the current offerings, you’ll find the expected boho influences alongside hints of burlesque and even goth style, all dressed up in decorative patterns that vaguely hint at exotic foreign cultures. Let other brands chase the minimalist trend: Skivvies is pure, romantic sensory overload.

The 2016 collection includes some erotic bridal pieces and pairs nicely with FL&L‘s hipster clothing and its new swimwear line. And, as always, there’s a big lookbook, this time shot by Zoe Grossman and featuring 21-year-old Norwegian model Frida Aasen. Here’s just a sample:


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