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Watch This Lookbook Come Alive
Posted by Lingerie Talk | January 28, 2016

As more shoppers grow comfortable with buying lingerie online, brands are scrambling to find ways to improve the virtual sales experience. After all, a person can only scroll through so many static images of nearly-identical bras, right?

A simple, but effective, example of how web technology is helping retailers improve the presentation of their garments is offered by Sokoloff Lingerie, the Canadian boutique brand known for its fashionable lacy separates.

With the release of its new Valentine’s Day collection, Sokoloff introduces a clever innovation to the traditional photo lookbook: simply click on the dreamy images and watch the product come to life. … Sort of.

The marketing campaign, shot against the prickly desert background of Joshua Tree National Park in California, features a solitary model playing an upright piano while wearing various pieces from the new V-Day collection. When viewers click on any photo, they are taken to a product landing page that shows a full-screen video loop of the model wearing the product, shot from several angles.

The technology involved here is relatively simple, and variations of this idea have been used before, but Sokoloff‘s video lookbook helps address the biggest challenge facing online shoppers — how to get a realistic idea of a product’s fit. Each mini-video in the lookbook includes size information as well as the model’s measurements, making it easier to compare to a shopper’s own proportions.

The four-year-old Sokoloff, named for founder/designer Sofia Sokoloff, is based in Montreal and has numerous retail distributors across Canada and in the U.S. All garments are manufactured in Montreal.

Here’s a selection of images from the new lookbook, but do yourself a favour and visit the Sokoloff site to see how it works.


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