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The only surprising thing about Courtney Love‘s highly-anticipated lingerie-inspired collaboration with online retailer Nasty Gal is that it took so long to get here.

Though she’s been a grunge style icon for three decades, the Hole frontgal and criminally under-appreciated actress has never done her own fashion line until now — which seems like a glaringly overlooked opportunity. It took her pal Sophia Amoruso, founder of Nasty Gal, to right that wrong.

“We dug through Courtney’s closet and found some incredible inspiration,” Sophia said this week on her #GirlBossRadio podcast.

And here’s the best part: despite her famously chaotic life, Mrs. Cobain’s line for Nasty Gal, called simply Love, Courtney, is not the hot mess you might expect.

In fact, it’s a charmingly oddball mashup of kittenish school-girl femininity and grunge costume, all with a tinge of rebellious sexiness plucked out of the 1960s.

If your tastes lean toward babydoll dresses or bras with built-in chokers or lace bodysuits with legs, there’s plenty to love here.


“It’s irreverent without being sloppy,” Courtney told Sophia on her radio show. “It’s modern but slightly nostalgic at the same time.”

There are two dresses and two shoes in the 18-piece collection, which otherwise is being billed as “lingerie meets the real world.” The color palette is a mélange of soft pink, peach, baby blue and black that will appeal to anyone who’s been influenced by Courtney’s style sense over the years.

Love, Courtney will land on Nasty Gal‘s website this Thursday, with individual items priced from $48-$188.

Many pieces, notably the crop top and satin bustier, are meant for wearing in public, presumably paired with your favorite torn fishnet stockings.

Courtney Love, right, with Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amorusa.

Once this collection sells out — and it will, quickly — a new generation will have the perfect outfit to wear to the long-promised Hole reunion tour, which has been in limbo for years. Until that happens, this is a great way for wannabe girl rockers to at least dress the part.

Here are some more images from the Love, Courtney marketing campaign featuring model Hailey Clauson, along with a few product flats of pieces from the collection. Look for the entire range on Nasty Gal‘s website Thursday.


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