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How does a small underwear brand celebrate after raising $1.1-million — nearly 40 times its goal — on Kickstarter for its latest product launch?

For Knix Wear, the innovative Canadian indie label that smashed the crowdfunding record for fashion products, the next item of …


The phenomenon of bra-burning protests in the 1960s was long ago discredited as one of those convenient-but-false media myths that probably did more damage to the women’s rights movement than otherwise.

It never really happened, at least not the way they said it did, but …

Why These Period Ads Got Red-Flagged
Posted by Lingerie Talk | October 23, 2015

Almost getting banned was probably the best imaginable outcome for the provocative new ad campaign from a New York underwear label that wants to get people talking about women’s periods.

Thinx, a proudly feminist cause-based brand, received infinitely more exposure than it could have …


A Canadian photographer’s effort to “help women showcase their beauty and their power” by posing in lingerie also revealed something else: their compassion and kindness.

All of the 78 models featured in the glamorous photo-art book The Stockings Project, which went on sale this …


There are thousands of lingerie brands clamoring for your attention and patronage every day, many of them backed up by expensive and glamorous marketing campaigns.

So how’s a newcomer to the industry supposed to get noticed?

If you’re Trusst Lingerie, a potentially revolutionary concept …

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