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If you want to know whether a G-string is actually comfortable, or just a nagging pain in the you-know-where, ask the woman who’s worn one every day for 20 years.

“Some people think it’s not comfortable, but for me it’s other panties that are not comfortable,” says Muriel Klink, founder of the European G-string brand Lucky Cheeks. “I personally only ever wear G-strings.”

“The first time I bought one I was 20 and I thought it was very beautiful,” she told Lingerie Talk. “Then I met my husband and began to wear G-strings more and more. Now I can’t wear anything else.”

A former industrial engineer, Muriel started Lucky Cheeks in 2013 after recognizing a micro-niche in the European lingerie market for high-quality, embroidered micro-thongs that are favored by brides and some celebrities.

The Germany-based, French-made brand produced three styles in its debut collection and two new ones this year.

Now the small startup, which is currently only sold through Amazon in Europe and a few boutiques in Germany and Belgium, is hoping to broaden its reach with a Kickstarter campaign to finance production of its new collection. A new webshop, which will be ready in a few weeks, will also make Lucky Cheeks available worldwide.

‘Queen of Love’ style (top); and ‘Silver Moon’ style from Lucky Cheeks.

Lucky Cheeks is trying to add some luxury cachet to a product category that has more a few salacious associations.

Popular in Brazil and Europe, the itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny cousin to the thong is too often regarded as a micro-costume for strippers and erotic performers. According to Muriel, though, there’s nothing wrong with adding a sexy new staple to your wardrobe, especially if it’s as artistic as the Lucky Cheeks collection.


Many leading lingerie brands include a string style that is usually aimed at bridal customers, but it’s still an overlooked product niche. A few independents, like French brand Lola Luna, produce high-end, artisanal G-strings, but most products in the category are trashy, disposable and purpose-built for seduction, not daily wear.

“There are a lot of sexy G-strings on the market but they are not good quality,” she said. “I felt I wanted to make something special.”

Since launching the Lucky Cheeks crowdfunding campaign on Sept. 1, Muriel (above right) has received inquiries from some unexpected places — like Kuwait, Qatar and even Iran.

“Maybe it’s because it’s more important to be nice for your husband in the home, because outside they see nothing,” she said of orders coming from predominantly Muslim countries. “The mentality is different in each country.”

She’s not worried, though, about widespread media reports in early 2015 that suggested micro-styles like thongs and G-strings were losing favor with women, replaced by newly popular high-waisted panty styles.

“It always changes,” said Muriel, who is Belgian. “Maybe it’s different in each country. One year there are more panties, afterward it’s more G-strings.”


Another aspect of Lucky Cheeks that is distinctive — and perhaps very European — is its marketing, which including elaborate photo “stories” depicting string-clad models in common daily situations that might not typically be associated with sexy underwear — like cooking in the kitchen, painting a portrait, going for a hike, or having a picnic.

The “G-String Stories”, which feature characters called ‘Lucky Sophie’ and ‘Lucky Lana’, are revealed in installments on the brand’s Facebook page.

“I wanted to show that it’s normal to wear a G-string, it’s not something secret,” Muriel said.

“These are little stories that amuse people and it’s a way to make me known. People can’t wait to see the next one.”

Lucky Cheeks‘ elegantly gift-boxed string styles sell for about €40 each. The company’s Kickstarter campaign, which expires in about a week, includes some attractive rewards and pre-order options for its new collection — including the must-have “G-String Lover” T-shirt, and an eye mask that matches each string style.

Here are a few images from the brand’s comical “G-String Stories”. Check out their Facebook page to find out how the stories end.

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