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Katie Dresses Up for Hallowe’en
Posted by Lingerie Talk | September 11, 2015

Faux vintage corset brand What Katie Did is turning its sights on Hallowe’en this year, but no, that doesn’t mean it’ll be doing a Caitlyn costume.

Instead, designer Katie Thomas has come up with a pair of suitably retro Hallowe’en outfits — black satin corsets with classic bat or cat images set against a baby pink moon-shaped background.

Both styles are based on the shape of WKD’s Lily model, and are only available as made-to-order pieces. Each steel-boned corset is made by hand by a single corsetier.

These soon-to-be-collectibles are priced at $295 (US) and orders must be placed by Sept. 30 to ensure delivery in time for Hallowe’en.

Below are some images of the bewitching styles modeled by Tallulah Blue and also showing off other pieces from the WKD catalogue, including its retro seamed stockings and famed bullet bras.

Note: The companion headpieces in the photos are made by UK milliner Pearls & Swine and aren’t included with the corsets.

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