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It’s hard to say who has the edge when it comes to uptown girl cuteness: pop-art jewelry designer Alison Chemla, known for her emoticon ear studs; or thoroughbred lingerie designer Morgan Curtis, whose label is fronted by a sexy cartoon doll named Lanie.

Makes sense, then, that the two should meet and come up with year’s oddest — and most adorable — collaboration … emoji undies.

The two up-and-comers on New York’s fashion scene paired their talents for the Alison Lou X Morgan Lane capsule collection of panties, PJs and a graphic sleep mask, all distinguished by emoji icons.


The centerpiece of the collection is the seven-piece Emoticon panty-of-the-week set, with Alison’s emoji’s decorating Morgan’s stretch satin briefs. And yes, the ‘Monday’ panty sports a scowling face, appropriately.

For high-style sleepovers, the pair offer a silk crepe PJ top and shorts (based on Morgan Lane‘s Ruthie style) and highlighted with gold engraved emoji buttons from Alison Lou.

The collection is topped off with the silk charmeuse ‘Dreaming of Diamonds’ eye mask decorated with an illustration that shows the Lanie doll dreaming of Alison’s jewelry.


As dreamy as all this is, it’s not cheap. The PJ set runs $466 and mask is $110, while the panty set is priced at $298. Yes, that works out to more than $40 a day for your underwear.

With a price tag like that, the Alison Lou X Morgan Lane is obviously aimed at the upper end of the market, but it may prove to be a splurge even for those uptown girls who can’t put a price on cuteness.


Shop for Alison Lou X Morgan Lane here.

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